Pearl Explains Parrots: Shiny Things

Being petite and pretty with lots of soft and fluffy feathers isn’t something to take for granted.

After all, think of how many beings live their whole lives and aren’t ever able to grow a single feather of their own!

So no wonder feathered beings are so drawn to anything shiny! You can check to make sure all of your fetching feathers are in place, and you can share the delight of having feathers for the upliftment of all.

In those rare instances when shiny things aren’t available, the large featherless beings can give you almost the same effect.

Just look into their eyes while displaying “maximum cuteness” and you will see the upliftment taking place right away!

A small feathered grandbird displays “maximum cuteness” for the instant upliftment of his grandparents, the Tall Tree and the Small Tree.

Pearl & Shannon

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