Day 41: Baby Elephant Legs!

The large shell-less being here….

There are many pivotal days in the life of a tortoise mama.

For example, there is the day your hatchling tortoise is suddenly no longer a hatchling (and you know this because her legs stick way out of her “hatchling tortoise” bathing bowl).

How to know your hatchling tortoise is not a hatchling tortoise anymore.

And then there is the day you realize your young, cold-blooded flock member has….baby elephant legs.

Exhibit A: actual baby elephant legs ( Image courtesy of Geerati at

You look and look, take multiple (adorable) pics, look some more, and yup….it is confirmed.

Baby elephant legs. On your tortoise.

Exhibit B: Adorable pint-sized wrinkly elephant legs…on your juvenile redfooted tortoise.

You check out all the other legs just to be sure…..yes, they sure do all look like that!

Two precious and wrinkly baby elephant legs….all dressed up with cute red dots!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon

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