Day 95: Tortoise Is A Leg Giveaway

“Cuteness” is widely considered to be an extremely desirable trait. But there are times it can turn into a liability. For instance, when you are very cute and you want to get away from it all and enjoy a restful nap, you may find that no sooner have you settled your adorable shelled self down,Continue reading “Day 95: Tortoise Is A Leg Giveaway”

Day 41: Baby Elephant Legs!

The large shell-less being here…. There are many pivotal days in the life of a tortoise mama. For example, there is the day your hatchling tortoise is suddenly no longer a hatchling (and you know this because her legs stick way out of her “hatchling tortoise” bathing bowl). And then there is the day youContinue reading “Day 41: Baby Elephant Legs!”


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