Day 21: A Texas Box Turtle and His Hay

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Being cold-blooded is pretty awesome….except when it’s not.

Times when it’s not so great to not be able to thermo-regulate by yourself include summers in Texas and winters in Texas… well as most other times in Texas.

This issue quite naturally intensifies if you are actually a native species of Texas, such as a Texas 3-toed box turtle, for example.

Bruce. A representative of the Texas-native species “3 toed box turtle.”

Since everyone knows Texas stays hot until it is cold, and cold until it is hot, if you happen to be cold-blooded and you live in Texas, it can be smart to have some extra insulation on hand for when the need arises (happily, the right insulation is just as good at repelling “too hot” as it is at repelling “too cold”).

Hay is a great insulation! Hay is not only soft and comfy for snoozing, but it is also surprisingly nutritious for eating if you should feel so inclined.

The official Texas 3-toed box turtle ambassador demonstrates how to use hay for comfy snoozing (backing into your hay pile is best so you can situate yourself just so).

Best of all, hay can provide an awesome source of ready camouflage should the paparazzi (especially your large shell-less assistant – she is the worst of the lot) happen to show up unannounced.

Passing paparazzi might rightly wonder, “where did the 3 toed box turtle go?” when you are handily camouflaged in your personal protective hay cave!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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