Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum

texas box turtle in hibernaculum

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It is true “hibernaculum” is a bit of a mouthful.

It might be just as easy to call your winter slumber chambers the “nap zone.”

But this isn’t just any nap zone.

It is especially constructed for big leaguers, power nappers that think catnaps are for cats (and good riddance while they’re at it).

If you really want to take your napping to the next level, you are going to want to get serious about setup.

And so – the hibernaculum.

Like that uncomfortable (clearly shell-less) sleepless princess who could feel the pea through all those mattresses underneath her, you don’t want to encounter any wake-producing disturbances once you’ve commenced to snoring.

You want the whole experience to be – in a word – seamless.

And so, you (well, not you, but your large shell-less hibernaculum assistant) add the dirt. You add the hay.

You bolster the walls with insulating panels. You cover it all over with wind-blocking, rain-repelling tarps.

You weight the whole thing down and tuck it all in and get settled in.

This is hibernating done right.

texas box turtle in hibernaculum
A rare surface shot of the master snoozer about to dig down deep into his pro-grade hibernaculum for the long winter sleep.

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