Being Brave with Bruce: Long Winter Nap

When you depend on the weather to regulate your personal thermostat, all seasons are not created equally. This is why summer is for basking. Socializing. Making (er) eggs while the sun shines. And winter? Winter is for napping. When it gets cold outside, the last place you want to be is out there with it.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Long Winter Nap”

Box Turtle Takes a Hay Ride

Getting ready for hibernation can be intense….even grueling. But there is no reason it can’t be fun too! For example, let’s say your large shell-less brumation assistant brings home some particularly groovy new hibernation material. From the start you know you are going to like it – as it turns out, hay’s natural coloration setsContinue reading “Box Turtle Takes a Hay Ride”

Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum

It is true “hibernaculum” is a bit of a mouthful. It might be just as easy to call your winter slumber chambers the “nap zone.” But this isn’t just any nap zone. It is especially constructed for big leaguers, power nappers that think catnaps are for cats (and good riddance while they’re at it). IfContinue reading “Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum”

Day 330: Box Turtle Social Skills

Being a hibernating species is a big commitment. From preparing to hibernate, to actually hibernating, to coming out of hibernation again, you can count on spending a good chunk out of every year just on this one project. That doesn’t leave a lot of time left for socializing. In fact, snooze for a lengthy enoughContinue reading “Day 330: Box Turtle Social Skills”

Day 321: Big Box Turtle Stretch

Coming out of hibernation – even if just for a day – is guaranteed to make you notice your (adorably cute) box turtle legs, tail and head at a whole new level. After all, you haven’t see one another in awhile. As you are catching up again, you may also find yourself fielding a complaintContinue reading “Day 321: Big Box Turtle Stretch”

Day 315: Box Turtle Wake-Up Call

When you are born “on the half shell,” literally, you really don’t have time to ponder life’s more esoteric topics. All you know is everyone seems to want a piece of you, whether figuratively or otherwise. So long as you are super-healthy and fit and feeling fine, it is a slam-dunk decision to spend theContinue reading “Day 315: Box Turtle Wake-Up Call”

Day 312: The Hibernating Box Turtle & the MommyGuard

If there is anything even less pleasant than being suddenly awakened out of the most restful long winter sleep, it is being awakened and then PICKED UP and checked out all over. Thanks, Mom. She says they are vital, critical, un-skippable “hibernating box turtle safety checks.” And that it is her job as the officialContinue reading “Day 312: The Hibernating Box Turtle & the MommyGuard”

Day 309: Box Turtle Hibernation Safety Checks

Before choosing to hire a large shell-less assistant, it is worth noting they can be somewhat….anxious. Just try going into hibernation and see what happens next. So there you are, resting deeply, enjoying the heck out of some long-overdue “me-time,” binging on restorative zzzzzz’s, when all of a sudden…..

Day 306: Weatherproofing the Box Turtle Hibernation Habitat

After verifying your newly constructed, cutting-edge box turtle hibernation hay tunnel is a perfect fit, it is time to pull the trigger and start snoozing. So you crawl inside your hay tunnel and commence to napping. This, in turn, alerts your doting large shell-less assistant to insulate and weatherproof your habitat itself (if you’ve everContinue reading “Day 306: Weatherproofing the Box Turtle Hibernation Habitat”

Day 303: The Hibernating Box Turtle

One great thing about being a hibernating species is that you get to nap and nap and nap – totally guilt-free! But before your long winter nap can be stress-free – a very important component to getting the most restful extended nap – you have to make sure you are “set up for success” (aContinue reading “Day 303: The Hibernating Box Turtle”

Day 300: Box Turtle Brumation Hay Tunnel

Every species hibernates in their own way. Heck, even every being within every species has their own special way they like to brumate. No matter how experienced you are, every new hibernation season can be nerve-wracking – after all, you are about to dial down your metabolism and you want to be sure your sleepingContinue reading “Day 300: Box Turtle Brumation Hay Tunnel”

Day 276: Box Turtle Hay Fest

As a cold-blooded shelled being, you can expect that as temperatures turn cooler, so will you. As this process continues, your mind may quite naturally turn towards thoughts of….hay. When it is still warm during the day, a fresh and comfy pile of hay can give you an excellent vantage point for scouting victuals andContinue reading “Day 276: Box Turtle Hay Fest”


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