Day 42: A Perching Box Turtle

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“Perching.” It’s not just for feathered beings.

Of course, since no one ever tells the large shell-less beings facts like this, you can feel sure your personal large shell-less assistant is going to overreact the first time she sees you.


Like a bird.

Up high in your plant just like your feathery brother.

Just like it is a normal thing that all box turtles do every day.

Box turtle perching. It is a thing….a thing which you sure wish someone had told your staring, lurking, picture-popping large shell-less assistant about before you arrived to join the flock!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise and box turtle mama. Author, writer, pet & people blogger.

2 thoughts on “Day 42: A Perching Box Turtle

  1. Ummmm….how did he get up there? He looks adorable surrounded by all the greenery but how did he get up there?

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