Now You See Me….

Most kiddos like to play a good, rousing game of hide n’ seek from time to time. Feathered kids are no exception, it would seem. Only feathered kiddos never seem to grow out of their enthusiasm for the game. At 10 years old, Pearl still enjoys this game as much as she did when sheContinue reading “Now You See Me….”

The Parrot Who Owns Me

Before I happened to notice a tiny reference to a book called “The Parrot Who Owns Me” in one of those scarily on-target “sponsored links” riding the margins of my customer page, I had never heard of Dr. Joanna Burger. I certainly didn’t know she was one of the foremost ornithologists in the world.Continue reading “The Parrot Who Owns Me”

The Quality Control Expert

Because my mom’s kitchen so frequently produces delicacies that my avian eagerly anticipates, every so often a spontaneous quality control inspection is scheduled to be sure the facility is up to par. Usually, these inspections are themed. This past Sunday, the inspection centered around the quality of the cooking implements being used to prepare preferredContinue reading “The Quality Control Expert”

Wesley the Owl

A couple of years ago I traveled to Washington, D.C. My mission? To join my colleagues for “Lobby Day”, an annual, ongoing effort by the Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC) to make our congresspersons and representatives and their aides aware of the need for legislation enforcing insurance treatment for eating disorders. I was a bit nervous,Continue reading “Wesley the Owl”

Things That Make Me Happy :-)

Today’s gratefuls are about things that make me happy. 🙂 Happiness is…. A warm bird (if that warm bird has typing and editing skills, even better). A summer rainstorm rolling in on the heels of a dark Houston sky. Coffee in a “to go” cup (even if it is “for here”). Helpful friends who knowContinue reading “Things That Make Me Happy :-)”

Mutual Admiration Society

There is such a thing as lifelong love at first sight. I have proof, too. On these occasions, I am just a third wheel, useful only for things like fetching beverages, proffering tasty delectables such as waffles, and (of course) documenting the love affair for posterity. When Dad (aka “the Tall Tree”) is not available,Continue reading “Mutual Admiration Society”

What’s Yours is Mine

Pearl has a very egalitarian view of the world. What’s his is his. And what’s mine is his. In fact, that rule also applies to family, friends, and strangers. If he wants it, it must be his. Take grilled cheese, for example. Let’s just say I have a plate upon which a tasty grilled cheeseContinue reading “What’s Yours is Mine”

Alex & Me

When Dr. Irene Pepperberg first started out to research avian intelligence, she never dreamed that along the way, she might for a time have to sacrifice everything – her marriage, her financial wellbeing, her standing as a scientist – in the interests of pursuing her passion. She simply wondered if birds were as intelligent asContinue reading “Alex & Me”

Introduction: Books & Flicks with Wings

One of the (many) lovely things about recovering from any serious health issue – such as an eating disorder, for instance – is that once your time is freed up from arm wrestling said health issue, you have lots of free time for HOBBIES. Which means – naturally – that these days, I read aContinue reading “Introduction: Books & Flicks with Wings”

(Im)patience is a Virtue

Or at least it is in a bird’s world. If you have a pet you probably already appreciate the peculiar charm and vulnerability of impatience. For instance, if we ran and stuck our whole face in our dinner bowl the moment the meal was served, our meal mates would probably at the very least politelyContinue reading “(Im)patience is a Virtue”

The World Famous Neck Scratch Technique

When people first witness what I am about to show you, they are alternately amazed or concerned. Were it not for the appreciative soft chirps, they might be forgiven for assuming I’m trying to, er, manhandle my pet bird. I don’t know exactly how it got started, but at 10 years old this year, PearlContinue reading “The World Famous Neck Scratch Technique”

What Peanuts?

I am always surprised at the appreciation my little gal has for new culinary adventures. The other day, my mom (who shares Pearl’s enthusiasm for the digestible new and different) says to me, “Give Pearl a peanut.” My response, “Oh, I doubt she’ll like peanuts. Plus, they’re too big for her to get her beakContinue reading “What Peanuts?”

Escape to Waffle Mountain

Just in case I haven’t yet emphasized with sufficient clarity how much my little gal loves waffles, this should clear up any confusion. Last Sunday we gathered for family brunch. Pearl, as always, was invited. Mom made homemade waffles on her gourmet waffle iron. Then she set the pile o’ waffles out on the counterContinue reading “Escape to Waffle Mountain”

What a Bird and a Gourd Have in Common

In addition to bird jewelry, bird watching, and, well, birds, I also love bird art. Because I have spent the greater portion of my life to date recovering from an eating disorder (along with a host of attendant hangers-on like depression and anxiety) sometimes it takes me awhile before I really “get it” about howContinue reading “What a Bird and a Gourd Have in Common”

The Case of the Mysterious Escaping Feathers

Every few months or so, Pearl does something called “molting”. It starts gradually….a feather here, another feather there. Then a longer feather – let’s say a tail feather – suddenly drops out. And it’s on. It is worth mentioning that Pearl seems as mystified by the process as any of the rest of us.

For Bird Lovers Only

If I’d had a tree house when I was little (which I didn’t – I was way too clumsy to manage to hoist myself up an actual tree) I imagine this is the sign I would have hung on the door. “For Bird Lovers Only: All Others – KEEP OUT.” So when I first heardContinue reading “For Bird Lovers Only”


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