Day 229: Cockatiel Is the Muffin Master

Cockatiel with muffin 2

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In a wild setting, cockatiels live in enormous flocks numbering hundreds or thousands of feathers.

It is glorious….but competitive.

Sure, there are lots of ladybirds. But there are also lots of manbirds.

Nesting sites abound. But so do their occupants.

Victuals are plentiful. But at dinner time the line stretches around the block.

Of course, having lots of competitors also makes it a lot easier to sneak your snacks without being detected.

When your flock consists of just a handful of members and you are the only one who looks like you, it’s a lot more challenging to poach the choicest portions.

Luckily, you are a pro. It’s in the genes, so to speak. Up the ante and you just up your game.

Plus, the only one you really have to fool is your large featherless assistant, who is so susceptible to “cuteness” a single glance sends her running for the small rectangular flashing device, leaving you to poach in peace.

Cockatiel with muffin 1
Once you have the delicacy in your sights, sidle up next to it like you two are just hanging out – no big deal.
Cockatiel with muffin 2
If your large featherless mama sees you, a single glance can send her racing off to find the small rectangular documentation device. Meanwhile you can snarf up the snacks in peace.
Questions about poaching? Pearl has the answers!
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