Day 232: Cockatiel in Corn Muffin Questioning

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There is a reason most top-secret “black ops” agents opt for low-key cover identities. It is easy enough to blend in when your day gig doesn’t raise any eyebrows.

No one follows their water meter reader or internet repair person around the block begging for selfies and beak-o-graphs.

But there are also perks that come with a cover identity that places you more directly within the public eye.

For starters, you can gather lots of intel and practice for upcoming ops with no one being the wiser.

Pull off a cover identity as a famous and feather actor, for example, and you may even find yourself inspiring a whole generation to choose a rewarding career wrangling bad guys!

Speaking of bad guys, Love & Feathers & Shells is proud to present our resident famous and feathery cockatiel actor, Pearl Cutts, in his latest one-avian play:

“Corn Muffin Questioning” 

By this time, the theater staff has learned to anticipate early arrivers – paparazzi disguised as VIP fans who even dress up in costume in hopes of sneaking backstage to interview the star.

At the urging of the star himself, the theater management has hired extra guards who just happen to be operatives-in-training for an upcoming top-secret mission!

Even as the real VIP fans gather at the front of the box office, using their bulky round corn muffin costumes like bumper cars to jockey for a better position in line, the “theater security guards” at the back are running through their training ops and looking sufficiently official to send the  paparazzi packing.

Cockatiel corn muffin 1
Well, well, well. Who is this I see? The leader of the infamous Corn Muffin Gang is at last captured for questioning!
Cockatiel Corn Muffin 2
So let’s start with something simple. Where is the rest of your Gang? Every time we capture you, you have fewer members.
Cockatiel Corn Muffin 3
What do you mean, “they keep getting buttered up and eaten?” As if.
Although now that you mention it, you do smell rather good….and if my keenly cute black eyes don’t deceive me (and they never do) it looks like you’ve been buttered up a bit yourself!
Yes, “Mom?” The operatives-in-training are ready for their contractually-stipulated snack break? Tell them I’ve got a special treat for them today!

As the mysterious large featherless being known only as “Mom” advances into the room, the curtain begins to draw shut.

The last thing the fans see before the curtain closes is a shadowy band of operatives, all clustered around the hapless (former) leader of the Corn Muffin Gang…..

The End.

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

2 thoughts on “Day 232: Cockatiel in Corn Muffin Questioning

  1. Pearl is enjoying eating a corn muffin great for breakfast or snack time you go my little friend 🐾💙🌻

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