Day 262: The Cockatiel and the Small Chef

As everyone knows, beings with feathers are born with very sensitive palates. Not all featherless chefs are willing or able to master the rigorous culinary standards of such discerning diners. But those who make the effort are rewarded with rave five feather reviews. Some may even win themselves the coveted role of “Personal Small Chef”Continue reading “Day 262: The Cockatiel and the Small Chef”

Day 232: Cockatiel in Corn Muffin Questioning

There is a reason most top-secret “black ops” agents opt for low-key cover identities. It is easy enough to blend in when your day gig doesn’t raise any eyebrows. No one follows their water meter reader or internet repair person around the block begging for selfies and beak-o-graphs. But there are also perks that comeContinue reading “Day 232: Cockatiel in Corn Muffin Questioning”


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