Day 262: The Cockatiel and the Small Chef

Cockatiel Grandma

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As everyone knows, beings with feathers are born with very sensitive palates.

Not all featherless chefs are willing or able to master the rigorous culinary standards of such discerning diners.

But those who make the effort are rewarded with rave five feather reviews. Some may even win themselves the coveted role of “Personal Small Chef” to their very own feathery star!

When this occurs, it is a matter of great fanfare and excitement. Eager would-be gourmands know they are about to enjoy access to new cutting-edge recipes guaranteed to sharpen their gourmet sensibilities.

A cockatiel chef collaboration is sure to produce plenty of mouth-watering morsels both parrots and people can enjoy.

Cockatiel Grandma
It is an exciting day indeed when a new culinary partnership forms between a feathery patron and his personal Small Chef.
Cockatiel with Grandma
First, you want to take some official press photographs to commemorate the occasion.
Cockatiel with grandma
While it is never required for the feathery half of the partnership to actually face the camera for the official press photos, it is always a nice touch.
Cockatiel samples bread
Each dish that arises from such a rare and significant culinary partnership is sure to be a five-feather hit!

Would you like to sample the very same tasty fresh-baked bread Pearl is enjoying? Now you can!

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

4 thoughts on “Day 262: The Cockatiel and the Small Chef

  1. Lucky Pearl. From what I’ve seen of Small Chef’s food, I would carry her on MY shoulders if it would help her bake. Especially for the muffins!

  2. Pearl you are a good little chef fresh muffins & bread; what will be next little chef. Take Care little friend🐾💖🌻

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