Box Turtle Takes a Blueberry from Rescue Mama’s Hand

Being rescued is always a good thing. And yet it can take some getting used to. For starters, your lunch no longer gets a running head start. Instead, it arrives neatly arranged on a strange red rock. It is a bit….eerie. Sure, everything looks good, smells good, but still….it is almost too docile. You justContinue reading “Box Turtle Takes a Blueberry from Rescue Mama’s Hand”

Box Turtle Takes a Hay Ride

Getting ready for hibernation can be intense….even grueling. But there is no reason it can’t be fun too! For example, let’s say your large shell-less brumation assistant brings home some particularly groovy new hibernation material. From the start you know you are going to like it – as it turns out, hay’s natural coloration setsContinue reading “Box Turtle Takes a Hay Ride”


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