Box Turtle Whisperer

I have been called a lot of things…. …..but “box turtle whisperer” is hands-down my favorite.  Since I was eight I have been sharing my life with parrots and turtles. First it was a parakeet named Perky and a red-eared slider named Red (super-creative, right?). But hey, I was 9 at the time and heContinue reading “Box Turtle Whisperer”

Pearl, Malti & Bruce Now Have a Patreon!

Being an ambassador animal for your whole species takes a lot of hard work. Well, mostly it takes a lot of “cuteness,” but still. When you’ve got it, you’ve got to share it, and that means bringing your “A” game (or your “B” game if you happen to be Bruce) to each and every photoContinue reading “Pearl, Malti & Bruce Now Have a Patreon!”


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