Day 192: Boy Box Turtle Versus Girl Box Turtle

If there is one fact about shelled beings that the large shell-less beings seem to consistently get wrong, it is box turtle gender. Just as the males of the avian world are often more colorful and (let’s be honest) attractive than the females, so too can the bright coloration and outgoing personalities of boy boxContinue reading “Day 192: Boy Box Turtle Versus Girl Box Turtle”

Day 189: The Lady Box Turtle

Life with a shell may set a slower pace, but it will never be dull. This you can count on. For starters, every day brings the always challenging “thrill of the hunt” as you stealthily stalk your wild prey. And then of course you have to make sure you also stay out of reach ofContinue reading “Day 189: The Lady Box Turtle”

Day 72: Scoping for Lady Turtles

When you are an exceptionally handsome male 3-toed box turtle (and even the horrid scary shell-less beings in the white lab coats say so), the end of hibernation and the start of spring means you have just one thing on your mind. Lady turtles. Less motivated beings might think you’d be keen for a heftyContinue reading “Day 72: Scoping for Lady Turtles”

Day 63: Boy Box Turtles Will Be Boy Box Turtles

If there is one thing that can reliably produce grey hairs in any large shell-less being, it is a boy box turtle. Boys of any species seem to have a special knack for attracting trouble. But boy box turtles can turn a knack into a fine art. For instance, say you are a boy boxContinue reading “Day 63: Boy Box Turtles Will Be Boy Box Turtles”


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