Day 339: Box Turtle Blends In

There are lots of evolutionary advantages to being colorful. For example, having different colors on different body parts helps you artfully camouflage yourself in different environments. Of course, there is also an art to showing the right part with the right color combination in the right place. Let’s say you are in a grassland area.Continue reading “Day 339: Box Turtle Blends In”

Day 282: Box Turtle Loves the Camera

It doesn’t take much time living in an interspecies flock to realize how important the small rectangular flashing thing is to flock life. Every flock member wants to get as close to it as possible. They compete to stand on it, shriek into it, sample it, stand in front of it, stare at it, singContinue reading “Day 282: Box Turtle Loves the Camera”

Day 261: The Box Turtle Bower

As a box turtle, getting rescued has its perks. Three hots and a cot is just the start of it. You also get love and adoration, plus your own blog with hordes of slavishly devoted large shell-less fans who want nothing more than to start their day learning more about yours. But there is oneContinue reading “Day 261: The Box Turtle Bower”

Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile

Here in Texas, hay is a staple… least for the large shell-less beings. But when you wear a shell on your back, hay is a less obvious choice. In most cases, you naturally gravitate towards leaf litter, greenery and good old-fashioned brown dirt. But there are certain style advantages to a nice round pile ofContinue reading “Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile”


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