Day 269: The Spookiest Cute Tortoise Nostrils

The large shell-less beings have some decidedly odd traditions. For instance, once per year, they all wake up one morning and go into what can only be called some type of collective identity crisis. No doubt frantic to conceal or otherwise remedy the ongoing lack of a shell (an essential accessory for both function andContinue reading “Day 269: The Spookiest Cute Tortoise Nostrils”

Day 266: The Tortoise and the Compliments

When you choose to live in an interspecies flock, you will quickly start to notice key differences between you and some of your flock mates. Take compliments, for example. Your flock mates span the gamut in this department. While your large shell-less assistant becomes visibly uncomfortable upon presentation of the (admittedly rare) compliment, your small featheryContinue reading “Day 266: The Tortoise and the Compliments”


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