Day 266: The Tortoise and the Compliments

When you choose to live in an interspecies flock, you will quickly start to notice key differences between you and some of your flock mates. Take compliments, for example. Your flock mates span the gamut in this department. While your large shell-less assistant becomes visibly uncomfortable upon presentation of the (admittedly rare) compliment, your small featheryContinue reading “Day 266: The Tortoise and the Compliments”

Day 263: Little Tortoise Grows Up

Choosing one of the large shell-less beings to be your assistant guarantees you can have a lot of fun on a daily basis. For example, let’s say it gets very cold outside and your assistant gets busy setting up your indoor boudoir – complete with all your favorite snoozing accessories. Inside, you find your stinkyContinue reading “Day 263: Little Tortoise Grows Up”

Day 245: Tortoise Trades in Solitude for Snacks

It has been rumored that the flockwide large shell-less assistant is an introvert. Clearly, the paparazzi’s latest “insider-in-the-know” source has been giving out some very bad information. It is true that she may be somewhat solitary by her own species’ standards, but clearly that doesn’t apply when she catches sight of you. While your speciesContinue reading “Day 245: Tortoise Trades in Solitude for Snacks”


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