Day 263: Little Tortoise Grows Up

Choosing one of the large shell-less beings to be your assistant guarantees you can have a lot of fun on a daily basis. For example, let’s say it gets very cold outside and your assistant gets busy setting up your indoor boudoir – complete with all your favorite snoozing accessories. Inside, you find your stinkyContinue reading “Day 263: Little Tortoise Grows Up”

Day 134: Itchy Scratchy Tortoise Shell

It is pretty cool to be born with your home right on your back. But then again, sometimes it is not so cool, especially when your home goes through a growth spurt and starts to….itch. Beings without shells often don’t realize that your shell is a living entity – it is as much alive asContinue reading “Day 134: Itchy Scratchy Tortoise Shell”

Day 35: Tortoise Clearance

When you are young with a shell and you are growing very fast, life brings new surprises every day. Literally. For example, perhaps yesterday you maneuvered your strong young shelled self into your favorite parking spot right under the shiny desk chair. Then, when you were ready to get going again, you simply hoisted yourselfContinue reading “Day 35: Tortoise Clearance”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Weigh-Ins

When you are caring for a young tortoise of Malti’s size, it is safe to say weigh-ins are always a, um, big event. But no matter how often other people exclaim, “Wow, she’s gotten so BIG!” or you look at her and (almost) hyperventilate while imagining how big she has yet to become, it isContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Weigh-Ins”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Young, Small and Delicious

In South American where Malti’s species hails from, red footed tortoises are considered a…um…delicacy. “Tortoise pie” is said to be a particular favorite on festive occasions. When Malti first joined our little flock, she hid CONSTANTLY. And she was the size of a silver dollar, and her mama had packed her habitat with plenty ofContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Young, Small and Delicious”


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