Day 95: A Leg Giveaway

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“Cuteness” is widely considered to be an extremely desirable trait.

But there are times it can turn into a liability.

For instance, when you are very cute and you want to get away from it all and enjoy a restful nap, you may find that no sooner have you settled your adorable shelled self down, withdrawn into your perfect curved shell and closed your sweet soft eyes than….SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!

Paparazzi. They really need a hobby.

Of course, hiding effectively is an art form unto itself. One thing that can be particularly hard to master is to make sure that everything (and we do mean everything) is hidden.

If even a tiny itty bitty adorable little tortle leg isn’t fully tucked away, you can be sure the paparazzi will notice, gather, and….SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!

Failing to make sure every single precious part of you is securely stashed away and out of sight before you nap can be a leg giveaway, so to speak….
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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