Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: A Beak-on of Hope

If there is one fact you can always count on in life, it is this: Someone, somewhere, is always out looking for lunch. This means the key to surviving (not to mention thriving) is not to attempt to vanquish all the predators in the world all at once. Rather, you just need to do aContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: A Beak-on of Hope”

BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power”

There is an art as well as a science to staying hidden out in plain sight. In fact, it is mostly the newbie top-secret agents who opt for staying well camouflaged both in their cover identity and in their real role. The real pros know how to get twice the camo for half the effortContinue reading “BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power””

Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away

Being tasked with top secret protection detail comes with some particular challenges. This is especially the case when your reputation as .007, pint-sized super spy, is such that it often precedes you. While it is true you won’t ever see news headlines proclaiming to the masses that you’ve been assigned to a case, word travelsContinue reading “Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away”

Day 313: Pearl Cutts in The Big Bird Box

Being born covered in soft fetching feathers can definitely give you a wing up on the competition when it comes to winning coveted feature roles. But it can’t always protect you from filmmakers’ omissions and inaccuracies. For example, there may be times when you are starring in a new play and you notice the titleContinue reading “Day 313: Pearl Cutts in The Big Bird Box”

Day 304: Cockatiel Is Heading In

Even the brightest light in the chandelier (or the loudest songster in the choir) can still find ways to improve. The best only stay the best because they are constantly bettering their skills. Say you are a “black ops” super-secret agent. Your legend precedes you. The merest whisper of your name, “.007,” sends ferocious foesContinue reading “Day 304: Cockatiel Is Heading In”

Day 289: A Snuffleupagus with Feathers

Working undercover is not for the faint of feather. You have to be comfortable with all manner of identities…and disguises. Some cover identities may take days or even weeks to put together. You may also need to rehearse switching from one identity to another quite rapidly as the case demands. (Oddly, in this way beingContinue reading “Day 289: A Snuffleupagus with Feathers”

Day 286: Cockatiel in the Case of the Empty Plate

In acting as in life, you just never know what a day may bring. Some days, your plate may be very full….even full to overflowing. On other days, your plate may be….empty. Such is the flexibility required to navigate life as a famous and feathery actor – or even a famous and feathery pint-sized superContinue reading “Day 286: Cockatiel in the Case of the Empty Plate”


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