Cockatiel Digs Into His Grandma’s Homemade English Muffin

It takes a lot of work to train a large featherless waitress. First of all, they are extremely susceptible to “cuteness stunning.” One glance out of your adorable round black cockatiel eyes and….WHOMP. As they say, there she goes again. But with (extreme) patience and (much) perseverance, it can be done. The hours are long.Continue reading “Cockatiel Digs Into His Grandma’s Homemade English Muffin”

Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover

The best delicacies combine two essential (um) ingredients: tastiness + trajectory. In other words, overall deliciousness makes up just half the rating system when you’re an expert food critic with feathers. The other half of your rating system is flingability (a technical term). Flingability refers to how far your beak buildup flies when you shakeContinue reading “Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover”

Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg

In the great food chain o’ life, there is no better invention than the egg. The egg is so multi-purpose. Tiny but mighty, it packs a powerful snacking punch. And of course, it is the vehicle of choice to deliver new snackers (with feathers) into this world. Which might just be the strangest version ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg”

Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle

When it comes to waffles, what’s not to love? From crispy and crunchy to soft and fluffy….well, as they say, so many waffles recipes, so little time. Waffles are so vital, so essential. And yet so often they appear only to disappear again just as quickly! This is why Pearl has launched his most importantContinue reading “Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle”

Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away

Being tasked with top secret protection detail comes with some particular challenges. This is especially the case when your reputation as .007, pint-sized super spy, is such that it often precedes you. While it is true you won’t ever see news headlines proclaiming to the masses that you’ve been assigned to a case, word travelsContinue reading “Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away”

Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers

When you are covered in fetching feathers, being envied is a fact of life. Everywhere you look, you see other (less fortunate, featherless) beings stressing and straining to grow feathers of their own. But no luck. For you, it just comes naturally. Every day new feathers just show up. You turn around and – ohContinue reading “Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers”


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