Day 336: Box Turtle Gets a Lift

Being a box turtle means you can carry your home with you wherever you decide to go. But it isn’t just any home you are carrying. Your home is extra-secure. Once you decide to head indoors, you can use your super-strong shell muscles to close up tight on both sides – so tight that predatorsContinue reading “Day 336: Box Turtle Gets a Lift”

Day 333: Box Turtle Hibernation Habits

In a box turtle’s world, there are no advantages that come from being born little and cute. It is basically the difference between being appetizer-sized and entree-sized. Otherwise, your responsibilities remain the same right from day one. Foraging? Your job. Finding a mate? Your job. Evading predators? Your job. Hibernating? Yup, you guessed it….your job.Continue reading “Day 333: Box Turtle Hibernation Habits”

Day 237: Box Turtle Finds Fountain of Youth

It is no secret that being outfitted from birth with a cozy shell is convenient. As a box turtle who can easily live for 50 years or longer, having a shell can also help you stay looking younger for longer! By keeping your shell-less parts carefully shielded from the sun, rain and elements, your skinContinue reading “Day 237: Box Turtle Finds Fountain of Youth”

Day 225: Box Turtle Peek-a-boo

The key to successfully training a large shell-less assistant is “measured cuteness.” In other words, you don’t want to hit her with all the cuteness you’ve got all at once. That could be overwhelming, causing her to faint dead away and shirk her contractually stipulated flock care duties. A much wiser strategy is to doleContinue reading “Day 225: Box Turtle Peek-a-boo”


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