Being Brave with Bruce: If the Slipper Fits

Just because you are a single, solo and suave manly male box turtle doesn’t mean all your worries are over. There is such a thing as survival of the species. Here, it is going to take more than sheer force of cuteness to accomplish this goal. After all, you don’t exactly stand out. In fact,Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: If the Slipper Fits”

Being Brave with Bruce: Tell Tail Signs

Hiding is an art. It is not enough to just be wearing camouflage. Or to be very stealthy. Or even to have the ability to close up entirely into your ground-covered box. To hide effectively, you can’t think like yourself. Or even like your apex predator. Nope. To hide to the point where seeking becomesContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Tell Tail Signs”

Being Brave with Bruce: When You Need a Friend

Into every life some little challenges will fall. But it is the big challenges that really like to make a grand entrance. You may be just minding your own business, going about your daily life as usual, when…. WHOMP. A big ol’ challenge just plonks itself down smack-dab in front of you. Right in theContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: When You Need a Friend”

Being Brave with Bruce: Putting Yourself Out There

Being born with a (cute, curved) shell on your back doesn’t always means you will turn out to be an introvert. But it is a pretty safe bet. That shell can just look too tempting, feel too comforting. And comfort is great, for sure. But it can also be isolating. Especially when there are microscopicContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Putting Yourself Out There”

Being Brave with Bruce: Getting Back Out There

Life frequently seems to present more questions than answers. There is the question of what will become of our small (shared) round blue planet. And the question of what it might be like when you get a lot older than you are now. And then there is the question of when to “get back outContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Getting Back Out There”

Day 333: Box Turtle Hibernation Habits

In a box turtle’s world, there are no advantages that come from being born little and cute. It is basically the difference between being appetizer-sized and entree-sized. Otherwise, your responsibilities remain the same right from day one. Foraging? Your job. Finding a mate? Your job. Evading predators? Your job. Hibernating? Yup, you guessed it….your job.Continue reading “Day 333: Box Turtle Hibernation Habits”


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