Day 264: Box Turtle Sees Stars

Contrary to popular belief, being born with a shell on your back does not automatically make you a homebody. Some beings with shells love to wander and roam and explore and see new interesting places. And then there is you, the three-toed Texas box turtle. You were born right here in Texas and Texas isContinue reading “Day 264: Box Turtle Sees Stars”

Day 198: The Box Turtle Stakeout

If you are a being who wears a shell on your back, it doesn’t take long to learn you might as well be wearing a sign that reads, “I’m what’s for lunch.” To further complicate matters, since the shell goes wherever you go, you can’t very well just leave it behind and continue on yourContinue reading “Day 198: The Box Turtle Stakeout”

Day 168: Box Turtle Home Tour

In many parts of the country, “home tours” are a popular way to spend the day. You buy a ticket and this lets you walk right inside a stranger’s house to see what there is to be seen. Sometimes they even serve you snacks while you are trampling on their grass and snooping inside theirContinue reading “Day 168: Box Turtle Home Tour”

Day 129: Box Turtle Is Fern-licious

Box turtles, like the large shell-less beings, come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some box turtles are quite sizable – even stout. Other box turtles are smaller and more streamlined. And some box turtles have three toes on their back legs – these are called (not surprisingly) “three-toed box turtles.” Every so often,Continue reading “Day 129: Box Turtle Is Fern-licious”

Day 117: Just Another Green Leaf

Becoming an expert at camouflage takes time. This is true even if you were born with a knack for it that you inherited from basically every other 3 toed box turtle who has ever lived. All things considered, some of your disguise ideas will just work out better than others. So it can be aContinue reading “Day 117: Just Another Green Leaf”

Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Camo

When Bruce was first rescued to us nearly two years ago, he was both very self-assured and very shy. He was self-assured in that he seemed to know exactly what he wanted and needed. For his first week with us, he refused to stay in his temporary tub, but lived underneath a rolling file cabinetContinue reading “Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Camo”

Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Making Hay

When a boy turtle wakes up from his long winter hibernation, believe it or not, food is not the first thing on his mind. He is thinking about one thing and one thing only – finding a lady box turtle to make eggs with. While it can be a pretty big deal to a ladyContinue reading “Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Making Hay”

Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Camouflage

Box turtles are amazing at camouflage. No matter how colorful they may appear to be (for example, Bruce has bright orange cheek patches set against a white face with black and brown accents), put them practically anywhere and watch them disappear. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked….and looked and looked andContinue reading “Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Camouflage”


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