Day 202: Cockatiel Asks “What Would .007 Do?”

As a famous and feathery actor, you can’t live life like ordinary folks. For instance, you can’t just walk down to the store for a snack whenever you please. At least not unless you feel like hanging out with the paparazzi all the way there and all the way back. So you have to getContinue reading “Day 202: Cockatiel Asks “What Would .007 Do?””

Day 199: Cockatiel Is On a Roll

No matter how skilled and savvy you may be at winning the game o’ love, some years it is just inevitable you will get a late start to the nesting season. Perhaps your spring molt took longer than usual. Or maybe your large featherless assistant mistook your stockpile of nesting materials for cage liners andContinue reading “Day 199: Cockatiel Is On a Roll”

Day 196: Cockatiel Knows Location Is Everything

These days, it is not enough to be a very manly and masculine cockatiel manbird when you are looking for love. The ladybirds are very picky – they want love and all the trimmings, too. And what is the first thing a ladybird looks for when she is oh-so-choosily choosing her nest mate? Nesting location,Continue reading “Day 196: Cockatiel Knows Location Is Everything”

Day 193: Cockatiel Builds a Bigger Flock

As everyone knows, the bigger your flock, the more powerful you are as flock “alpha.” As a young cockatiel, you might start out with just one or two flock members. In time, as word gets out that there is a very cute feathered being in the neighborhood, this may expand into a few more flockContinue reading “Day 193: Cockatiel Builds a Bigger Flock”

Day 190: Cockatiel Knows Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

No being can know for sure before they pop out of the egg whether or not they’ve won the evolutionary lottery and are going to be able to grow their own feathers. Even after you exit the egg, it may still not be so easy to tell, except by observing the bigger, older beings whoContinue reading “Day 190: Cockatiel Knows Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”

Day 187: Cockatiel Claims Best Seat in the House

It is a well-known fact that hiring a large featherless assistant comes with both “pros” and “cons.” On the “pros” side, you get catered meals, unlimited neck feather scratches, slavish devotion and even your own blog. On the “cons” side – the large featherless beings know nothing (zero, zilch, squat) about personal space. Even ifContinue reading “Day 187: Cockatiel Claims Best Seat in the House”

Day 184: A Cockatiel By Any Other Name

When you have feathers and cohabitate in an interspecies flock, it can take some time to fully assimilate into the dominant culture. For example, let’s say your flock includes more large featherless beings than any other species (there are also two shelled beings, but who is counting those). So everyone else in the flock hasContinue reading “Day 184: A Cockatiel By Any Other Name”

Day 181: Cockatiel Finds Very Stealthy Safe House

As every top secret “black ops” agent learns in training, it is so vital to have a secure space to retreat to if things get too “hot” out in the field. This secure space is traditionally called a “safe house” in secret agent lingo. While most black ops agents opt for a traditional house forContinue reading “Day 181: Cockatiel Finds Very Stealthy Safe House”

Day 178: Cockatiel Builds Rice Beard

Let’s face it. Facial hair is in. It is a clear sign of how masculine and manly you are when you can sprout stuff on your face. Not only do the ladies take this as an obvious sign of your, um, nesting capabilities, but it looks good, too. If you can be a power nesterContinue reading “Day 178: Cockatiel Builds Rice Beard”

Day 175: Parrot Perils – Shared Service

If there is one thing every feathered being wants to avoid at all costs, it is having to share your personal large featherless assistant. There are several reasons for this, the most pressing of which is that the large featherless beings are challenging enough to train when there is just one VIP client to serve.Continue reading “Day 175: Parrot Perils – Shared Service”

Day 172: Cockatiel Is a Featherweight

In the world of top secret “black ops” agents, it is very important to know your correct measurements so you are issued the right gear. Too light, and the gear won’t be sufficiently intimidating. Too heavy, and the gear will make your job harder rather than easier. So when you go to the agent headquartersContinue reading “Day 172: Cockatiel Is a Featherweight”

Day 169: Cockatiel Explores Nature Versus Nurture

Whenever possible, it is nice to woo the ladybirds with the most authentic and natural-looking nest. But this isn’t always possible. Plus, as great as nature can be, it doesn’t always provide for the most posh nesting experience. Let’s say you happen to be an “indoor nester” and you chance upon a wonderful little boxContinue reading “Day 169: Cockatiel Explores Nature Versus Nurture”

Day 166: Cockatiel Supersizes Pancake

In the culture of the large featherless beings, there is such a thing as “supersizing.” Victuals are a particularly popular choice for supersizing. The theory seems to be that if it is small and tastes delicious, it will taste even more delicious when you make it bigger. In practice, however, supersizing is not for theContinue reading “Day 166: Cockatiel Supersizes Pancake”

Day 163: Cockatiel Gets His Own Back-up Dancer

Pretty much everyone knows that having feathers automatically makes you an excellent singer. But one of the best kept secrets few fans realize is that feathered beings are also excellent dancers! It makes sense, when you think about it – singing and dancing both require the same basic level of sensitivity to tempo, rhythm andContinue reading “Day 163: Cockatiel Gets His Own Back-up Dancer”

Day 160: The Cockatiel & the Cantaloupe Caper Gang

One of the most exciting things about being a famous and feathery actor is that no two days are ever alike – you can make sure of it! Thanks to a heaping dose of good old-fashioned avian ingenuity, you will never run out of new compelling characters to create and gripping dramas to build aroundContinue reading “Day 160: The Cockatiel & the Cantaloupe Caper Gang”

Day 157: Cockatiel Hands Out Pink Slips

When you are born with soft feathers all over your body, it is vital to keep them looking and feeling their best. Sometimes, this means setting aside some extra time in your (already packed) daily schedule for personal grooming. And sometimes, it means sending out the pink slips. But feathers that don’t make the cutContinue reading “Day 157: Cockatiel Hands Out Pink Slips”

Day 154: Cockatiel Makes the Hop

There is a definite art to plate surfing. Even the most skilled plate surfers occasionally fumble it. No matter how susceptible your fellow (large, featherless) diners may be to “cuteness,” you still have to time it just right to nab the delicacy you have your eye on while keeping its owner successfully distracted. In otherContinue reading “Day 154: Cockatiel Makes the Hop”

Day 151: Cockatiel Visualizes for Success

Great teachers from all walks of life (not to mention all species) recommend the powerful practice of visualization to get what you want. While it sounds easy, the actual visualization process can take some work! For example, you want to “set the stage” (a technical term) for your dreams to come true. Here, it isContinue reading “Day 151: Cockatiel Visualizes for Success”


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