Day 145: Birds for Brunch

One of the (many) best things about being born with soft feathers all over your body is that everyone wants to be your BFF. There is the cuteness, of course. And the featheriness. And the natural tunefulness. And the incredible flexibility and agility. There is your show-stopping personality and bonafide star appeal. Most of all,Continue reading “Day 145: Birds for Brunch”

Day 139: Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Grandma!

Beings with feathers are so special. Not only are they very pretty and oh-so-cute, but they bring constant joy and love into your life. But what is really special is feathered beings and their Grandmas. There is literally nothing more heart-warming than the sight of an adorable feathery grand bird whipping up delicious delicacies alongsideContinue reading “Day 139: Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Grandma!”

Day 136: Self Esteem with Feathers

One reason feathered beings seem to have consistently better self-esteem than the large featherless beings is because they have, well, feathers. You can’t argue with biology. But there are other reasons as well that can be easier to adjust for….a judicious tweak here and there and you can be feeling better about yourself in noContinue reading “Day 136: Self Esteem with Feathers”

Day 133: Cockatiel Creates Wall Art With Heart

The best artists aren’t always the ones with the most complicated designs. There is something to be said for keeping what shows up on the canvas simple and straight from the heart. Not only will this type of art be most accessible to the fans (and the ladybirds, should any happen by during or afterContinue reading “Day 133: Cockatiel Creates Wall Art With Heart”

Day 132: Hip Hip Hurray for the Tall Tree!

Sometimes at first glance, you might look at two beings and think they don’t have so much in common. Perhaps one is very tall with absolutely no feathers while the other is very small and is covered in soft feathers. Maybe one likes to sing in a deep baritone voice and the other prefers toContinue reading “Day 132: Hip Hip Hurray for the Tall Tree!”

Day 130: Cockatiel Knows It’s In the Bowl

Despite the high prevalence of large featherless waitresses in the food service industry today, they can be remarkably tough to train. For starters, getting distracted by “cuteness” is a known hazard of the species. Also, featherless beings tend to get overly hampered by their own outmoded customs when it comes to fine dining. For instance,Continue reading “Day 130: Cockatiel Knows It’s In the Bowl”

Day 127: Cockatiel Discovers Unattended Apple

The large featherless beings may be, well, large, but they tend to be rather slow on the uptake. For example, let’s say your large featherless waitress begins snacking on a desirable item. But then she gets distracted (as usual) and leaves her snack totally unattended. The smell then wafts over in the direction of theContinue reading “Day 127: Cockatiel Discovers Unattended Apple”

Day 124: Cockatiel Is Damp & Dapper

The super-competitive annual nesting season isn’t for amateurs. Ladybirds have very high standards, and they expect their suitors to bring their A-game on every level, from nest selection to victuals choices to personal style. For this reason, you want to make a fashion-forward first impression, which as every worthy candidate knows always begins with aContinue reading “Day 124: Cockatiel Is Damp & Dapper”

Day 121: Cockatiel Says That’s Not My Feather

When your petite and powerfully aerodynamic body is completely covered in soft feathers, it is safe to say there is a place for every feather and every feather in its place. And when it is time for action, it is all feathers on deck (so to speak). This means you don’t take renegade feathers lightly.Continue reading “Day 121: Cockatiel Says That’s Not My Feather”

Day 118: Cockatiel Discovers Mystery Muffin

When your reputation as .007, pint-sized super spy, precedes you, you can count on getting called in to consult on some pretty strange cases. Since every one of these cases is unique, often you have no precedent to refer to – just your own gut instinct to guide your recommendations. This also applies to theContinue reading “Day 118: Cockatiel Discovers Mystery Muffin”

Day 115: Cockatiel Trains Large Featherless Waitress

Training a large featherless waitress can feel like a long (oh so long) and uphill road. You may have to send your order back once, more than once or many times before she finally gets it right. But when she does at last master a lesson, you want to be sure to let her knowContinue reading “Day 115: Cockatiel Trains Large Featherless Waitress”

Day 112: Parrot Builds Nest for Ladybirds Only

Discovering a new nesting site with great potential is so exciting! You can already visualize your feathery other half moving in, settling down, popping out a few eggs and raising chicks that look exactly like you! But while you are working away to get your new nest ready, you also have to keep your eyesContinue reading “Day 112: Parrot Builds Nest for Ladybirds Only”

Day 109: The Cockatiel & the Crinkly, Crackly, Bobbly Bag

As all feathered beings know, every snack tastes better with sound effects! Unfortunately, the large featherless beings tend to be somewhat unimaginative in this area, so it often falls to the feathered flock member to instruct flock mates in the art of multi-sensory dining. For example, let’s say your personal Small Chef has selected aContinue reading “Day 109: The Cockatiel & the Crinkly, Crackly, Bobbly Bag”

Day 106: Cockatiel Explains Flock Dining Protocol

When you are dining with your flock, it is important to make sure everyone in the flock knows and follows the proper dining protocol. The “alpha” flock member always gets to dine first. Always. No exceptions. Ever. If you are unsure which flock member is the alpha, just look for the member with the mostContinue reading “Day 106: Cockatiel Explains Flock Dining Protocol”

Day 103: Cockatiel Builds a DIY Nest

In these budget-conscious days, the do-it-yourself approach to home renovation is all the rage. Why pay top dollar to have someone else renovate your cozy nest-to-be when you can do it yourself, save a bundle and have some extra left over to pamper the love of your life when she arrives? All it takes isContinue reading “Day 103: Cockatiel Builds a DIY Nest”

Day 100: Cockatiel Digs Into Tortilla Chips for Two

Fully furnished nests are a rarity in the world of feathered beings, especially as the spring nesting season really gets underway. If you want to find the best real estate, you need to start your scouting early. But occasionally, even late in the game, a true gem might suddenly appear. When this happens, you wantContinue reading “Day 100: Cockatiel Digs Into Tortilla Chips for Two”

Day 97: Cockatiel Claims One Found Mouse

If you live in a flock where you have many flock mates yet only one rectangular shiny device with the crispy keys, sometimes you have to get creative about claiming your turn. Rather than whine about how your large featherless flock mate is monopolizing the device yet again, you can challenge yourself to find anotherContinue reading “Day 97: Cockatiel Claims One Found Mouse”


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