Day 96: The Best Shell Color

Being a card-carrying shelled member of the food chain can give you a lot to think about, evolutionarily speaking. You really, really, really want to make good choices. For example, let’s say you choose to be born with a certain type of shell coloration. This coloration, while clearly edgy and fashion-forward, can look rather oddContinue reading “Day 96: The Best Shell Color”

Day 94: Emotional Support Birds R Us

The large featherless beings think they are so clever, with those bumper stickers and t-shirts proclaiming “Who Rescued Who?” But when you have feathers, fur or a shell, you don’t even have to ask that question, let alone wait for an answer. Rescuing. It’s just what you do. Of course, if someone absolutely insists onContinue reading “Day 94: Emotional Support Birds R Us”

Day 91: One of These Isn’t Like the Others

The large featherless being here…. When you live in an interspecies flock, every day is a chance to see your familiar world in a whole new way…..and sometimes in an “I think I live with E.T.” kind of way. For instance, maybe I’m just going about my normal daily routine as usual. And then atContinue reading “Day 91: One of These Isn’t Like the Others”

Day 88: Free Climbing Feathers

In the world of the large featherless beings, “free climbing” up or down the side of something is considered a really big deal. It is a sport, in fact, and those who do it are celebrated for their courage and athletic prowess. Perhaps this is because, lacking either wings or claws, it is a legitimateContinue reading “Day 88: Free Climbing Feathers”

Day 85: The Urban Jungle

Living life in the “urban jungle” has its perks…and its pitfalls. This is especially the case if you were born with aerodynamic wings covered in soft, fetching feathers – clearly a being designed to perch up high in a leafy green casa with camouflage and privacy to spare. Instead, you find yourself living in aContinue reading “Day 85: The Urban Jungle”

Day 82: Nestaholics

Spring can be a challenging time for any single manly (and oh so masculine) manbird. This is especially the case if you happen to be single for the 19th straight year AND you have a natural talent for what the large featherless beings like to call “DIY home renovation.” In this type of “perfect storm”Continue reading “Day 82: Nestaholics”

Day 79: Surprising the Ladybirds

Single ladybirds love a good surprise. There is nothing more romantic than a well-choreographed surprise that looks spontaneous. This is why, if you are really serious about getting the girl during the ultra-competitive spring nesting season, you want to plan out your big surprise until it runs like clockwork. Your large featherless assistant is aContinue reading “Day 79: Surprising the Ladybirds”

Day 76: The Great Grape Gang Gripe

In the world of super-secret “black ops” agents, there is such a concept as “organized crime.” To the general public, this sounds really scary, as well it should. But when you have top secret clearance, you know something the masses don’t – “organized crime” doesn’t mean “organized criminals.” As the famous and feathery actor whoContinue reading “Day 76: The Great Grape Gang Gripe”

Day 73: A Berry Bad Disguise

Being a top notch “black ops” agent with feathers definitely has its up days. On these days, you out-stealth the stealthiest opponents, bring down the bad guys, win (waffle-shaped) medals, make the world a better, safer place. Unfortunately, black ops work isn’t all glamour and glory. Even .007 has days when the criminals are slowContinue reading “Day 73: A Berry Bad Disguise”

Day 70: The See-Through Spaceship

In these days of easy interstellar exploration, you just never know when a neighbor living one (or several) galaxies over might stop by for a visit. After all, extraterrestrials like to read too. And they love waffles. So it just makes sense that if distribution limits how far your new book can be shipped, yourContinue reading “Day 70: The See-Through Spaceship”

Day 67: Posing for the Paparazzi

The best authors (with feathers) make being creative look so easy. First they announce their new (great) book idea. The next thing you know, here comes the new book – like, presto! Nothing to it. But this is actually the stage where things can get challenging. The paparazzi, of course, have been waiting with batedContinue reading “Day 67: Posing for the Paparazzi”

Day 64: I Love You This Much

As every oh-so-masculine and manly manbird knows, spring is ladybird season. You really want to bring your A-game. But even if you bring your A-game with you everywhere (in the form of your soft grey and white feathers and cute curved beak and sweet pink feet and round black soulful eyes) sometimes the ladybirds wantContinue reading “Day 64: I Love You This Much”

Day 61: The Art of the Poach

In today’s culture, the word “steal” has an understandably negative connotation. When you steal something, you are lower than low. But when you poach something….you are a professional. Speaking of which, strategic poaching is a skill every top-secret black-ops agent must have in their super spy toolkit. Here, being naturally petite can really help, becauseContinue reading “Day 61: The Art of the Poach”

Day 58: Repopulating the Forest Floor

Feathered beings who have curved bills are notoriously enthusiastic (messy) eaters. For every particle that goes down the hatch, so to speak, there are 10 or a trillion particles that somehow escape the hatch. These escapees fall down, down, down until they encounter whatever surface happens to be underneath the snacking parrot in question. ThenContinue reading “Day 58: Repopulating the Forest Floor”

Day 55: When It Rains It Pours

Being an internationally famous “fashion-forward” superbirdmodel may look all glamorous and effortless from the outside, but from the inside it is a whole other matter. The trials and tribulations you endure for the sake of your VIP fans! But anything is worth it….for the fans. Take “showering,” for example. When one of your most popularContinue reading “Day 55: When It Rains It Pours”

Day 52: Wet Bird Couture Presents Balayage for Birds

Here at Wet Bird Couture, the resident CFO (chief fashion officer) has just returned from a long-overdue sabbatical. Sabbaticals, of course, are for studying and analyzing new style trends, noticing pairs of opposites (such as real winners vs real flops) and then making your expert predictions accordingly. This can be a particularly tough job ifContinue reading “Day 52: Wet Bird Couture Presents Balayage for Birds”

Day 49: Serenading Your Sister

There is something so magical about wings. Everyone wants them. If you have wings, other beings are always studying you, trying to figure out how you grew yours and if they can copy you and achieve lift-off. Of course, most beings are not, well, aerodynamically inclined. Take your shelled sister, for example. If ever thereContinue reading “Day 49: Serenading Your Sister”

Day 46: The Crinkle and the Crackle

When you are chock-full of natural musical talent and singing ability, sometimes you have to audition backing musicians. While you can keep a beat very well all by yourself, having a rhythm section can add more depth and drama to your musical selections. Of course you have to audition your backing musicians personally, meeting themContinue reading “Day 46: The Crinkle and the Crackle”


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