Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting

Hiring a large featherless assistant makes sense for all kinds of reasons. But it sure can come with a steep learning curve. It won’t take but an hour or so before you start to notice they are rather….strange. Many of the things they do stray so far from common sense no amount of geolocation couldContinue reading “Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting”

Day 256: Cockatiel Makes a Bed Nest

If there is one task all feathered beings excel at, it is multi-tasking. After all, when you hire a large featherless being for your assistant, someone has to be able to multi-task. And it certainly won’t be your assistant. Plus, being able to step back and see the bigger picture allows you to spot “win-win”Continue reading “Day 256: Cockatiel Makes a Bed Nest”

Day 148: Cockatiel Goes Nest Shopping

When you care for an interspecies family, going shopping is always eventful. As the official rent and grocery money-earner (as well as the official shopper – everyone voted and you were, well, “it”), the whole flock gets excited when you return home with bags full of intriguing things. Some flock members are excited because ofContinue reading “Day 148: Cockatiel Goes Nest Shopping”


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