Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg

In the great food chain o’ life, there is no better invention than the egg. The egg is so multi-purpose. Tiny but mighty, it packs a powerful snacking punch. And of course, it is the vehicle of choice to deliver new snackers (with feathers) into this world. Which might just be the strangest version ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Chows on Hard Boiled Egg”

Day 127: Cockatiel Discovers Unattended Apple

The large featherless beings may be, well, large, but they tend to be rather slow on the uptake. For example, let’s say your large featherless waitress begins snacking on a desirable item. But then she gets distracted (as usual) and leaves her snack totally unattended. The smell then wafts over in the direction of theContinue reading “Day 127: Cockatiel Discovers Unattended Apple”


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