Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Corralling the C Gang

Since time immemorial, “black ops” agents (regardless of size or species) have used two main tactical strategies to conduct missions: overt and covert. An example of an overt strategy might be adopting a cover identity and going out to conduct field surveillance by tailing the suspects all day. An example of a covert strategy mightContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Corralling the C Gang”

Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting

Hiring a large featherless assistant makes sense for all kinds of reasons. But it sure can come with a steep learning curve. It won’t take but an hour or so before you start to notice they are rather….strange. Many of the things they do stray so far from common sense no amount of geolocation couldContinue reading “Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting”

Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest

Nesting season brings special challenges when you are a non-migratory species…or at least more of a locally migrating species. Whole new nesting season. All the same nesting sites. This means you may need to get really creative to find overlooked gems that your competitors don’t have the vision or creative talent to scope out. Or,Continue reading “Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest”

Day 169: Cockatiel Explores Nature Versus Nurture

Whenever possible, it is nice to woo the ladybirds with the most authentic and natural-looking nest. But this isn’t always possible. Plus, as great as nature can be, it doesn’t always provide for the most posh nesting experience. Let’s say you happen to be an “indoor nester” and you chance upon a wonderful little boxContinue reading “Day 169: Cockatiel Explores Nature Versus Nurture”

Day 103: Cockatiel Builds a DIY Nest

In these budget-conscious days, the do-it-yourself approach to home renovation is all the rage. Why pay top dollar to have someone else renovate your cozy nest-to-be when you can do it yourself, save a bundle and have some extra left over to pamper the love of your life when she arrives? All it takes isContinue reading “Day 103: Cockatiel Builds a DIY Nest”


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