Happy Birthday Pearl & His Mama!

Yup. You guessed it (from the clever title to this blog post, no doubt). Someone small and feathery and very cute and his slavishly devoted mama just turned one year older. Ahem…..younger. Of course, in true flock tradition, today is a day for festivities. For feasting. For quality time with the whole flock, which includesContinue reading “Happy Birthday Pearl & His Mama!”

Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Tall Tree!

When you love somebody, you want to do everything together. You want to roost up high in their branches all the time. You want to take your snoozes in the comforting crook of their trunk. You even want to share your waffles with them! And when their annual day o’ celebration arrives, you want toContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Tall Tree!”

Day 318: Happy Happy Double Flock Birthday!

Life itself is precious….there is no doubt about it. But what makes life extra precious is the chance to live with an interspecies flock. Your family is all colors, all genders, all shapes and sizes. Some are little and loud while others are little and not so loud. And some are always growing bigger (mostlyContinue reading “Day 318: Happy Happy Double Flock Birthday!”

Day 240: Happy Birthday, Tall Tree!

One of the perks of being the cutest flock member is you’re everyone’s favorite party guest. No matter whose birthday it actually is or who is planning the festivities, your name is first on the guest list and the hostess won’t rest until you send in your RSVP. Often, the event planners will even craftContinue reading “Day 240: Happy Birthday, Tall Tree!”


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