Be the Cuteness with Pearl: Dinner and a Show

As every very cute being knows, “cuteness” is its own language. All other explanations are optional. You can just show up, look very cute, and watch all the other beings rearrange themselves in line behind you. This is always convenient. Where it becomes especially convenient is when a choice delicacy appears. Everyone wants it. AndContinue reading “Be the Cuteness with Pearl: Dinner and a Show”

Flock Life with Shannon: Learning Their Language

Unlock this post for just $3 a month by becoming our flock Patreon Patron :-)This content is available exclusively to members of Shannon’s Patreon at the time of posting. Become a patron at $3 or more to get exclusive content like this in the future. Unlock with PatreonAlready a qualifying Patreon member? Refresh to accessContinue reading “Flock Life with Shannon: Learning Their Language”

Happy Birthday Pearl & His Mama!

Yup. You guessed it (from the clever title to this blog post, no doubt). Someone small and feathery and very cute and his slavishly devoted mama just turned one year older. Ahem…..younger. Of course, in true flock tradition, today is a day for festivities. For feasting. For quality time with the whole flock, which includesContinue reading “Happy Birthday Pearl & His Mama!”

Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Born Brave

As the old saying goes, “it is always five o’clock somewhere.” And everyone knows what five o’clock is – dinnertime. In other words, somebody, somewhere, is always on the prowl for their dinner. As a plump, round and delicious prey species, you are always on the menu. Which basically means you are born brave. ChoosingContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Born Brave”

Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Be the Bread

Sometimes life hands you big challenges. And you can’t always count on others to appreciate what you are facing. From the outside looking in, your life might look easy peasy – so posh and pampered. But from the inside looking out, you know you have big responsibilities on your tiny feathery shoulders. For example, youContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Be the Bread”

Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: the Master Rooster

Being the “alpha” flock member is a big job. Everybody thinks they want that job until they get it. Then they find out why you need so many restful naps (“beta” flock members are hard work!). Of course, an experienced “alpha” knows how to make the job easier. For starters, you want to stick togetherContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: the Master Rooster”

Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Plump and Perfect

It is no secret that there is an inverse relationship between stress and snacks. This is because stress burns calories. So when you’re stressed you need to double up on your fuel intake to stay as plump and perfect as the ladybirds prefer. Luckily, there is nothing like pandemic pounds to (ahem) round you outContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Plump and Perfect”

Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Tall Tree!

When you love somebody, you want to do everything together. You want to roost up high in their branches all the time. You want to take your snoozes in the comforting crook of their trunk. You even want to share your waffles with them! And when their annual day o’ celebration arrives, you want toContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Tall Tree!”

Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: You-tastic

Just because you know you are very cute, talented, pretty and perfect doesn’t automatically mean other beings will agree with you. You can waste a whole life waiting for others to get with the program already. Or you can take charge of what you already know to be true. You can stop caring what othersContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: You-tastic”


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