Being Brave with Bruce: Happy Days

Interspecies life can open your mind to a whole new perspective. You can learn new customs you might never have known about otherwise. For instance, you’ve noticed how every so often a day will arrive that your flock mates like to add the word “happy” to. Happy birthday. Happy holidays. Happy World Turtle Day (aContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Happy Days”

Being Brave with Bruce: Coming Out of Your Box

You know you’ve won the genetic lottery when you pop out of your small round white escape pod and discover you are wearing a handy “box.” So unlike most beings (aka the less lucky ones), you’ve just traded one cloaking device for another. Anytime something wanders by that looks a little too curious – orContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Coming Out of Your Box”

Being Brave with Bruce: What the World Needs Now

There are times when unfolding events on this small round blue and green planet can feel really stressful. Oh so stressful. The news about, well, basically everything, sounds so grim. There are micro-particles on the loose everywhere and they aren’t very friendly. Even worse, the latest fashion trend sweeping the ranks of your large shell-lessContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: What the World Needs Now”

Being Brave with Bruce: What Box Turtle?

“Extreme cuteness.” In some scenarios, it can be such a blessing. Then again, there are those other scenarios. Truth be told, you don’t pop right out of your round white escape hatch knowing how to dial down the cuteness when the situation calls for it. To that point, you also don’t know which situations mightContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: What Box Turtle?”

Being Brave with Bruce: Jedi Turtle

Waking up to each new day full of unknowns is kind of scary. It is also kind of an adrenaline rush. As you bat your (adorable, red, whirling) box turtle eyes open each day, you truly have no idea if you will come face to face with the best of life…. Or the worst ofContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Jedi Turtle”

Being Brave with Bruce: Stealth Box

There is a reason “earth tones” (like “olive,” for instance) are always in fashion. They go with everything. Everything goes with them. This makes olive just about the closest accessory you can have to an actual cloaking device. While classic olive all by itself is great, maybe you are a fashion-forward box turtle and soContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Stealth Box”

Being Brave with Bruce: Keep Your Ferns Close

When you are small and super-delicious, you can never have too many ferns. Ferns are so friendly. They are so multi-purpose. A fern can clean your air, purify your water, shade you, shelter you, even lift you up (literally). Ferns are nice and quiet, which means they make great neighbors. And they are very leafyContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Keep Your Ferns Close”

Being Brave with Bruce: When You Need a Friend

We all need rescuing sometimes. For many of us, being rescued isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime need, either. While there is something to be said for having a well-laid plan, this can only take you so far. This is especially the case when, in the eyes of most of your planet-mates, you are exactly the right shapeContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: When You Need a Friend”

Being Brave with Bruce: Living the Good Green Life

“Good life” means different things to different beings. If you are a large shell-less being, perhaps living a good life means you survived another day on the lam from a certain set of highly infectious microscopic particles. Or it might mean you return home that night to discover your (wine) glass is half-full yet again.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Living the Good Green Life”


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