Bruce the Rescued Box Turtle: Hand In Paw

Meet and greets with a species that is not your own can present some challenges. For starters, perhaps where you come from there typically aren’t any (on account of how you never really can know for sure when “meeting” might turn into “eating”). But then you happen upon a rather odd and very large shell-lessContinue reading “Bruce the Rescued Box Turtle: Hand In Paw”

Being Brave with Bruce: If the Slipper Fits

Just because you are a single, solo and suave manly male box turtle doesn’t mean all your worries are over. There is such a thing as survival of the species. Here, it is going to take more than sheer force of cuteness to accomplish this goal. After all, you don’t exactly stand out. In fact,Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: If the Slipper Fits”

Being Brave with Bruce: Tell Tail Signs

Hiding is an art. It is not enough to just be wearing camouflage. Or to be very stealthy. Or even to have the ability to close up entirely into your ground-covered box. To hide effectively, you can’t think like yourself. Or even like your apex predator. Nope. To hide to the point where seeking becomesContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Tell Tail Signs”

Being Brave with Bruce: Long Winter Nap

When you depend on the weather to regulate your personal thermostat, all seasons are not created equally. This is why summer is for basking. Socializing. Making (er) eggs while the sun shines. And winter? Winter is for napping. When it gets cold outside, the last place you want to be is out there with it.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Long Winter Nap”

Being Brave with Bruce: Making Friends

Making your own way in the world isn’t for the un-brave. Every day, there are decisions to be made, choices to be weighed. Hide or hunt? Eat this or that? Stay low or say hi? Whether your goal o’ the moment is to forage up some lunch or avoid becoming dinner,  the outcome rests solelyContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Making Friends”

Being Brave with Bruce: Happy Days

Interspecies life can open your mind to a whole new perspective. You can learn new customs you might never have known about otherwise. For instance, you’ve noticed how every so often a day will arrive that your flock mates like to add the word “happy” to. Happy birthday. Happy holidays. Happy World Turtle Day (aContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Happy Days”


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