Resting in Place with Malti: If the Bath Fits

Every day, some things stay the same. And some things change. Like you, for example. Maybe you still have all your cute red dots (and your orange and yellow dots, come to think of it). You still prefer the same favorite delicacies. And you still like to take life at a leisurely pace. There isContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: If the Bath Fits”

Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot

Relaxation looks simple but it really isn’t. Plenty of amateurs think all you have to do to relax is drape a leg on something and – voila. Check that off the list. As if. These pretenders wouldn’t know real relaxation if they fell into it. Real relaxation is an art. First, you want to doContinue reading “Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot”

Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor

There is a reason chefs love the color red. It stimulates the appetite. Sometimes snack shop owners like to cover their whole establishment in red to ensure guests know what kind of enterprise they are running. Of course, when you are born literally covered in red dots, you don’t need those kinds of obvious cluesContinue reading “Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor”


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