Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor

There is a reason chefs love the color red. It stimulates the appetite. Sometimes snack shop owners like to cover their whole establishment in red to ensure guests know what kind of enterprise they are running. Of course, when you are born literally covered in red dots, you don’t need those kinds of obvious cluesContinue reading “Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor”

Day 335: Tortoise Begs for Treats

It can pay to be slow and low to the ground when you live in an interspecies flock. From this unique vantage point, you can quickly learn who is in charge of what and how to work them for all they are worth. For example, it doesn’t take long to learn that your large shell-lessContinue reading “Day 335: Tortoise Begs for Treats”

Day 299: A Mealworm A Day

As everyone knows, when you are born very cute, you will just get even cuter as you grow up. Since being as cute as possible is advantageous (something about “survival of the species”), the best approach is to simply go for it and get as big as possible as fast as possible so you willContinue reading “Day 299: A Mealworm A Day”

Day 272: Little Tortoise, Big Lettuce

In the world of the large shell-less beings, there is a fascination with very large snacks. Yet even with snacks being one of the few fascinations your two species seem to share in common, you can nevertheless spot a few potential problems right off the bat. For starters, when a snack is that sizable, youContinue reading “Day 272: Little Tortoise, Big Lettuce”

Day 239: The Begging Tortoise

There is a reason shelled beings have a reputation for preferring solitary life. When you find choice victuals, you don’t have to share. Flock life has its merits, but sooner or later you are going to find yourself staring down that time-honored flock ritual called “waiting your turn.” Yuck. If tortoises were meant to takeContinue reading “Day 239: The Begging Tortoise”


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