Day 99: Digging Is Good for the Soul

Even though you have a super-secure hinged safe sitting right on top of your legs, a smart and survival-savvy 3 toed box turtle always likes to have a Plan B in his back pocket. So to speak. You can definitely climb, but that is not always the right response in every situation. You’re a fair-to-middlingContinue reading “Day 99: Digging Is Good for the Soul”

Day 93: What Has Red Eyes and Is Not Albino?

If you are born with fur or hair (like, say, your large shell-less mama) and you have red or pinkish tinted eyes, you might be an albino. In fact, even if you were born with a shell and your eyes are red or reddish, you might be an albino. Albino beings look the way theyContinue reading “Day 93: What Has Red Eyes and Is Not Albino?”

Day 90: Scutes. Scoots.

Smart. Sensitive. Sociable (at least with lady box turtles and anything you want to eat). Flexible. Multi-talented. Strong. Speedy. Great climber. Good swimmer. Five-star hibernator. These are just some of the many awesome things about being a 3-toed box turtle. But one of the coolest is your scutes (pronounced “scoots”).  The scutes are located onContinue reading “Day 90: Scutes. Scoots.”

Day 87: Survivor, Box Turtle Edition

The 3-toed box turtle is a very unique species even among chelonians (that is what the large shell-less beings call individuals who look like you). Not only do you have (count ’em) three toes on each of your adorable back legs, but you also have a fancy-schmancy hinged box you can use as your personalContinue reading “Day 87: Survivor, Box Turtle Edition”

Day 84: A Very Surprised Box Turtle

Being born with a home on your back is pretty brilliant. When your home is also a totally secure hinged box you can duck into at any time, you can pretty much move to the top of the food chain. But when you can also climb anything climbable (and some things that aren’t), well, that’sContinue reading “Day 84: A Very Surprised Box Turtle”

Day 81: We Love Bruce!

The large shell-less being here…. Bruce joined our little flock during a very tumultuous time. Malti had spontaneously taken off on what was to be a six-day wilderness adventure – announcing her plans to no one, least of all her overprotective, anxiety-prone, first-time tortoise mama. After six days of nonstop searching, literally beating bushes, crawlingContinue reading “Day 81: We Love Bruce!”

Day 78: Turtle Versus Tortoise

When you are born with a shell on your back, making sure your large shell-less assistant knows precisely which species you are can be pretty important. Unfortunately, your taxonomony (what the shell-less beings call your rank, file and serial number, aka your classification) doesn’t exactly make this easy. Technically, all shelled beings are “turtles.” YetContinue reading “Day 78: Turtle Versus Tortoise”

Day 75: Marvelous Meaty Mealworms

Dinnertime in an interspecies flock can sure get interesting. There is your small loud feathery brother, who seems intent on repopulating the forest floor with his evening rice….not to mention anything else flingable he can purloin from his mommy’s dinner plate. Then there is your round and robust shelled sister who is always hungry andContinue reading “Day 75: Marvelous Meaty Mealworms”

Day 72: Scoping for Lady Turtles

When you are an exceptionally handsome male 3-toed box turtle (and even the horrid scary shell-less beings in the white lab coats say so), the end of hibernation and the start of spring means you have just one thing on your mind. Lady turtles. Less motivated beings might think you’d be keen for a heftyContinue reading “Day 72: Scoping for Lady Turtles”

Day 69: A Turtle In a Hay Pile

When the large shell-less beings think of hay, they typically think of the large, ponderous, gassy beings who all seem to be named “Moo.” But this is just because the shell-less beings don’t hibernate. Hibernation is awesome, by the way. All you have to do is find a really comfy snoozing spot, dial down yourContinue reading “Day 69: A Turtle In a Hay Pile”

Day 66: A Box Turtle Wakes Up!

The large shell-less being here…. Bruce technically woke up from a whopping FIVE MONTHS of hibernation on March 10. But when, less than a week after waking up, another cold front swept the north (and thus the south) portions of our great continent, a certain tropical box turtle was having none of it. He wentContinue reading “Day 66: A Box Turtle Wakes Up!”

Day 63: Boy Box Turtles Will Be Boy Box Turtles

If there is one thing that can reliably produce grey hairs in any large shell-less being, it is a boy box turtle. Boys of any species seem to have a special knack for attracting trouble. But boy box turtles can turn a knack into a fine art. For instance, say you are a boy boxContinue reading “Day 63: Boy Box Turtles Will Be Boy Box Turtles”

Day 60: A True Texas Box Turtle

No matter where you go in this world, other beings seem to have a thing for Texas…and Texans. In particular, the ladies are always eager to hear tales about living in such a big, bold state! After all, Texas is the second-biggest state in the whole country (and the first biggest if you leave outContinue reading “Day 60: A True Texas Box Turtle”

Day 57: Stealth Box Turtle

In the world of the large shell-less beings, being in the “black ops” business requires all kinds of special gadgets. For example, you need infrared goggles for night vision and light-repelling costumes for sneaking up on things. All of this extra gear can really weigh an operative down. Of course, as any true secret agentContinue reading “Day 57: Stealth Box Turtle”

Day 54: Box Turtle Coloration

Shelled beings are experts at using coloration to maximum effect. There is a lot more to picking out the optimal shell colors than a casual observer might detect. For example, say you want to select a coloration that will make it very hard for potential predators and tasty prey (not to mention the ever-lurking largeContinue reading “Day 54: Box Turtle Coloration”

Day 51: Salad for Box Turtles

Salad is so delicious. It is also very nutritious. All those fresh greens, packed full of phytonutrients and chlorophyll and nourishment – what’s not to love? But sometimes the presentation can be a bit…lacking. You order yet another salad and yet again it arrives limply lying there on this boring round dish – you haveContinue reading “Day 51: Salad for Box Turtles”

Day 48: Box Turtle Free Climbing

Free climbers are quite amazing. There is this vertical structure, and then there is this being scaling right up the side of it using nothing but what nature gave them. No wonder everyone who sees a free climber stops to stare! While it is true most documentaries and instruction manuals made about free climbing featureContinue reading “Day 48: Box Turtle Free Climbing”

Day 45: Box Turtles Wearing Beards

Beards are very manly. Masculine. The ladies love them. In fact, beards are all the fashion rage these days, and sure can improve your odds with the ladies. Nothing says “I am so manly and masculine and virile and I will make the best-looking, strongest, smartest eggs you’ve ever seen” like sporting a beard. SoContinue reading “Day 45: Box Turtles Wearing Beards”


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