Bruce the Rescued Box Turtle: Hand In Paw

Meet and greets with a species that is not your own can present some challenges. For starters, perhaps where you come from there typically aren’t any (on account of how you never really can know for sure when “meeting” might turn into “eating”). But then you happen upon a rather odd and very large shell-lessContinue reading “Bruce the Rescued Box Turtle: Hand In Paw”

Being Brave with Bruce: Trust Does a Body Good

“Trust” isn’t a very popular concept in the greater food chain o’ life. In other words, it’s all one big happy until somebody gets eaten. But just because trusting others didn’t exactly come pre-installed in your survival skills 101 toolkit doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to trust when the moment is right. Let’s sayContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Trust Does a Body Good”

Being Brave with Bruce: Looking Up

Low to the ground is a very interesting place to live. There is so much to see and do! When you keep your eyes on the ground, you will be the first to spot that plump and perfectly slow escargot arriving just in time for your noon repast. Fixing your eyes on the low horizonContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Looking Up”

Being Brave with Bruce: All That You Are

Just being born with a hard outer shell automatically means you are brave. After all, you wouldn’t come with extra built-in body armor if you didn’t need it! But not being covered in something warmer, cuddlier, often means that other beings miss perceiving the softer side of you. In other words, all they see ofContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: All That You Are”

Being Brave with Bruce: Putting Yourself Out There

Being born with a (cute, curved) shell on your back doesn’t always means you will turn out to be an introvert. But it is a pretty safe bet. That shell can just look too tempting, feel too comforting. And comfort is great, for sure. But it can also be isolating. Especially when there are microscopicContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Putting Yourself Out There”

Being Brave with Bruce: Power Claws

Life is full of surprises. Some surprises are good – great, even. Some surprises are not so great. Some surprises are just terrible – wildly infectious and oh-so-confining – the exact opposite of what you ordered. When a surprise arrives that you really don’t like, then you need to know where to go to complain.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Power Claws”

Being Brave With Bruce: A Time to Step Up

There are days when it is a good day to hide. Such as the day you wake up to (are woken up by) the shrieks of the hungry hawk babies in the tree next door as they scream for their breakfast. Which, in turn, attracts the feline from one house over – a furry, fangedContinue reading “Being Brave With Bruce: A Time to Step Up”

Being Brave with Bruce: Sitting Cute

Life can be very hard at times. Oh so very hard. But then there are those pivotal moments in every being’s life that make all the hardships and scary-ness (a technical term) and challenges worth it. Like the moment when that huge snarfling predator stomps right past you (because you are such an excellent hider).Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Sitting Cute”

Being Brave with Bruce: It’s the Climb

The large shell-less beings have a saying. “When the going gets tough, it’s a good time to hibernate.” Or something like that. But there is something to be said for staying brave. For showing up. For stepping up to the plate (especially if it has a plump wriggling earthworm on it). For making the climb.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: It’s the Climb”

Being Brave with Bruce: Hugs and Head Pats

Sometimes you wake up, hear the latest news and realize…. You need a hug. Or a head pat. Or maybe many head pats. Hugs and head pats won’t make the bad news go away. But they sure can make you feel braver to bear it! (Not to mention very, very loved.) Pearl, Malti, Bruce &Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Hugs and Head Pats”


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