Day 156: Box Turtle Mind Meld

When you are a very cute rescued box turtle and you know you have your rescue mommy wrapped tightly around your adorable 3-toed feet, you don’t need to talk in words to get your point across. You can just use the time-honored “box turtle mind meld” to let her know exactly what you want….like toContinue reading “Day 156: Box Turtle Mind Meld”

Day 153: A True Texas Box Turtle

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? In Texas, beings are big and bold and awfully fond of primary colors like red, white and blue. So let’s say you happen to hail from Texas – a true native – but you just don’t fit the mold. Instead of red cheeks, yours are bright orange. You haveContinue reading “Day 153: A True Texas Box Turtle”

Day 150: Interspecies Family Portraits

On major holidays, it is traditional to attempt to gather all the flock members together to take a group selfie. This can be problematic even when all flock members hail from the same species. When the flock consists of multiple species, the problems tend to multiply. You can’t put the family box turtle next toContinue reading “Day 150: Interspecies Family Portraits”

Day 147: The Soul of a Box Turtle

It has been said the eyes are the windows to the soul. When you are born with particularly large and attractive, expressive red eyes, you can use this to your advantage. For example, it won’t take you long to notice how quickly your smitten large shell-less assistant hurries over when you gaze soulfully in herContinue reading “Day 147: The Soul of a Box Turtle”

Day 144: The Elusive Forest Box Turtle

As a wild box turtle, it is important to stay well camouflaged. Sure, you have your powerful double-hinged shell for protection if you need it. But it is still better if you don’t have to need it. Because you are small and quick and quite quiet, and your coloration lets you blend in seamlessly withContinue reading “Day 144: The Elusive Forest Box Turtle”

Day 141: The Box Turtle & The Fence

The large shell-less being here…. Bruce came to us four years ago with a mysterious past and a desperate need for a permanent home. Right away I got the sense he wanted to stay with our little flock, which daunted and delighted me in fairly equal measure. I also quickly began to suspect Bruce couldContinue reading “Day 141: The Box Turtle & The Fence”

Day 138: Confirmed Cuteness

Some might say that “cuteness” is in the eye of the beholder. For instance, if you ask one being who is the cutest, you might get one answer. Ask a different being, and you will get a different answer. But then there are some beings who are so cute it is simply undisputed. Their cutenessContinue reading “Day 138: Confirmed Cuteness”

Day 135: Box Turtle Shell Scratches

Wild box turtles are quite solitary. Even when it is time to make baby box turtles, a manly and masculine solo box turtle might need to travel quite a ways before he even meets any single lady box turtles. While it can be great to be out and about in nature, roaming through your territory,Continue reading “Day 135: Box Turtle Shell Scratches”

Day 129: Box Turtle Is Fern-licious

Box turtles, like the large shell-less beings, come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some box turtles are quite sizable – even stout. Other box turtles are smaller and more streamlined. And some box turtles have three toes on their back legs – these are called (not surprisingly) “three-toed box turtles.” Every so often,Continue reading “Day 129: Box Turtle Is Fern-licious”

Day 126: Box Turtle Behind Bars

The large shell-less being here…. As the ratio of concrete to grasslands and forests continues to shift, more and more wild beings are getting displaced into urban areas. This is exactly how Bruce and I met. He was wandering about, getting menaced by dogs and nearly run over by cars, when he was rescued toContinue reading “Day 126: Box Turtle Behind Bars”

Day 123: Box Turtle Loves to Swim

During their younger years, many large shell-less beings undergo a traditional rite of passage called “swim team.” This grueling ritual involves donning a set of distressingly scanty garments, jumping into an icy-cold water body and swimming back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until one of two things occurs: the end-of-practice whistle blowsContinue reading “Day 123: Box Turtle Loves to Swim”

Day 120: Box Turtle Brunch

Brunch traditions can look quite different depending on your species orientation. For example, let’s say you are a large featherless being. When you go out to brunch, you probably enjoy sitting in chairs, eating off china plates with shiny silver forks and knives, drinking your mimosas out of fluted glasses and your coffee out ofContinue reading “Day 120: Box Turtle Brunch”

Day 117: Just Another Green Leaf

Becoming an expert at camouflage takes time. This is true even if you were born with a knack for it that you inherited from basically every other 3 toed box turtle who has ever lived. All things considered, some of your disguise ideas will just work out better than others. So it can be aContinue reading “Day 117: Just Another Green Leaf”

Day 114: The Wonderful Woodpile

There are pros and cons to living the life of a pet box turtle. In your former wild life, you were free to come and go and do as you pleased. Of course, this also meant predators were free to try to eat you for dinner (or breakfast or lunch or mid-afternoon snack) as theyContinue reading “Day 114: The Wonderful Woodpile”

Day 111: Box Turtle Body Language

Life in an interspecies flock is going to present some challenges. For instance, there is communication. How do you communicate with one another to let your flock members know, for example, that not everything you want to share needs to be shrieked out at full volume? Or that you would like to come OUT ofContinue reading “Day 111: Box Turtle Body Language”

Day 108: Scoping Salmon

As a shelled being with a keen gustatory appreciation, it is important to strike just the right ambience before you dine. For example, you can enjoy your meal a lot more if you stop first to verify there are no slavering predators hovering about around the periphery. Also, it is easier to relax and enjoyContinue reading “Day 108: Scoping Salmon”

Day 102: Hunting the Wild Earthworm

After a long day of climbing, swimming, basking, digging and burrowing, a box turtle can work up quite an appetite! And while your typical catered dinner is reliably delicious and always well-timed, there is no substitute for the thrill of the hunt. Plus, this is the best way to guarantee your prey will be super-freshContinue reading “Day 102: Hunting the Wild Earthworm”


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