Being Brave with Bruce: Cuteness Contest

It doesn’t take much time living in an interspecies flock to notice that beings without shells tend to be a restless lot. While you and your small shelled red-dotted sister are chill as can be, the same can’t be said for your small loud feathery brother or your large shell-less rescue mama. Talk about over-thinkingContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Cuteness Contest”

Being Brave with Bruce: Hobbies for Shells

When you are small and scrumptious and wild, getting “bored” is not really a thing….reason being, being bored can turn into being plated (complete with parsley garnish) in short order. But when you live a life of leisure as a rescued box turtle, and especially when that life of leisure turns into a life ofContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Hobbies for Shells”

Being Brave with Bruce: Bring Your Own Box

There’s nothing like sticking close to home to create certain, well, shortages. The large shell-less beings really like to have plenty of these soft white round rolls that are sort of box turtle-sized and yet not. They don’t seem very useful, if you are being honest. What is very useful is to have your ownContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Bring Your Own Box”

Being Brave with Bruce: Box Turtle Shelters in Place

Sheltering in place looks different for everyone. But it may feel more alike than different – down deep on the inside where only we can see. In fact, some beings have to shelter in place most of every single day – and not because of something globally scary that starts with the letter “C.” TheyContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Box Turtle Shelters in Place”


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