Day 307: The Parrot and the Pupperazzi

While it is true that the large featherless beings are slavishly devoted to feathers, they aren’t the only species to feel this way. Turns out beings with fur can be pretty fond of feathers too! Sometimes this is because of how tunefully (loudly) parrots can sing. Sometimes it is due to “cuteness.” But most oftenContinue reading “Day 307: The Parrot and the Pupperazzi”

Day 47: Malti Hangs Out With Flash Gordon!

You can always count on the drawing power of “cuteness.” When you are very cute, other (often less cute) beings are helpless to resist being drawn in by your gravitational pull. But what happens when two very cute beings encounter each other? This is what we call a “cuteness vortex.” If one of the veryContinue reading “Day 47: Malti Hangs Out With Flash Gordon!”


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