Day 218: Tortoise Makes Friends With Cockatiel

“Cuteness” is a great way to make new friends. But when you are born very cute and have so many beings who want to be friends with you, it can take some time to get around to everyone on the waiting list. You do your best, of course, because that is just the kind ofContinue reading “Day 218: Tortoise Makes Friends With Cockatiel”

Day 195: A Flocking Box Turtle

Since most shelled beings don’t naturally cohabitate in flocks, any shelled newcomer to flock life can expect to encounter a learning curve of sorts. This learning curve can definitely be worth the work, however. After all, being the intelligent, independent, resourceful box turtle that you are, if you are going to do this “flock life”Continue reading “Day 195: A Flocking Box Turtle”

Day 175: Parrot Perils – Shared Service

If there is one thing every feathered being wants to avoid at all costs, it is having to share your personal large featherless assistant. There are several reasons for this, the most pressing of which is that the large featherless beings are challenging enough to train when there is just one VIP client to serve.Continue reading “Day 175: Parrot Perils – Shared Service”

Day 150: Interspecies Family Portraits

On major holidays, it is traditional to attempt to gather all the flock members together to take a group selfie. This can be problematic even when all flock members hail from the same species. When the flock consists of multiple species, the problems tend to multiply. You can’t put the family box turtle next toContinue reading “Day 150: Interspecies Family Portraits”

Day 47: Malti Hangs Out With Flash Gordon!

You can always count on the drawing power of “cuteness.” When you are very cute, other (often less cute) beings are helpless to resist being drawn in by your gravitational pull. But what happens when two very cute beings encounter each other? This is what we call a “cuteness vortex.” If one of the veryContinue reading “Day 47: Malti Hangs Out With Flash Gordon!”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Pearl

As Malti grows up, she becomes more alert and curious about everything in her surroundings. And I do mean everything. This little girl doesn’t miss a beat. If something in her environment changes, she notices right away. If there is an opportunity to check out anything – or anyone – she has only been ableContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Pearl”

Pearl, Malti & Bruce Say Happy Mother’s Day!

When you have feathers or a shell and you hit the luck jackpot and get the greatest grandma on the planet, you always want to wish her “Happy Mother’s Day” first thing on her special morning! (Of course if she wants to thank you for your thoughtfulness by preparing you some fresh crispy waffles withContinue reading “Pearl, Malti & Bruce Say Happy Mother’s Day!”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Furred Beings

Here at Casa Feathers n Beak n Shells, we have always had quite a diverse little flock. There is Pearl, of course, our 18-year-old “alpha” flock leader. Then there is Malti, and Bruce, of course. And then there is Flash Gordon, our two-year-old standard wire-haired dachshund. There is me, the large featherless, shell-less assistant. AndContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Furred Beings”


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