Being Brave with Bruce: Sunny Side Up

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, there may be days when you just wake up feeling like the sun isn’t shining inside you. It is behind the clouds somewhere. Or taking a break. Or maybe it went on vacation. While sometimes this feeling passes quite quickly, at other times it may linger.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Sunny Side Up”

Box Turtle Sees His Reflection

Looking very cute is like doing public service 24/7. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet is smiling. They appreciate your cuteness so much. You are such a blessing to all. But every once in awhile, it can be nice to meet someone else as cute as you. Just so you can feel that warm glowContinue reading “Box Turtle Sees His Reflection”

Box Turtle Meets FlipFlop

It’s not every day you get to meet a new life form. One minute they were not there. The next minute there they are. Did they come from across the yard? Across the street? Across the solar system? The only way to know is to get up close and personal with the newcomer. See whatContinue reading “Box Turtle Meets FlipFlop”

Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner

From the outside looking in, it might appear that lady box turtle season happens only during a short period each spring. But a peek behind the scenes reveals a different story. After all, lady box turtles (like all ladies of all species) are very choosy. If you want to beat out the competition, you haveContinue reading “Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner”


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