Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat

When it comes to seating, it doesn’t really matter what species you are. Everyone has their preferences. For instance, your own personal taste may run to sitting on top of things. Or perhaps you prefer to sit underneath things. Maybe you like your seats more simple and spare….or plush and fluffy. If you aren’t sureContinue reading “Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat”

Day 275: The Big Girl Tortoise Door

Every being is little when they are born. Even very large little beings will get much larger as they grow up. And very small (silver dollar-sized) beings will also get bigger as they get older. Getting bigger comes with lots of perks. For example, you might get a bigger water dish….heck, a whole bowl onceContinue reading “Day 275: The Big Girl Tortoise Door”

Day 236: The Case of the Missing Tortoise Snacks

Everyone knows that snacks can be slippery. Just like any prey species, they have a tendency to sneak away if you take your eyes off them. The more, well, seasoned the snacks get, the better they become at hiding right out in plain sight. You could be sitting right on top of them and notContinue reading “Day 236: The Case of the Missing Tortoise Snacks”

Day 221: Tiny Tortoise Grows Up

While there are lots of good things about arriving into this world in one of those popular small white round escape pods, there is one notable drawback. It’s not very big. Ergo, when you pop the hatch and take your first historic steps outside as a baby tortoise, you aren’t very big. This can makeContinue reading “Day 221: Tiny Tortoise Grows Up”


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