Cockatiel Stakes His Laptop Claim

In today’s culture, it has become popular to put a ring on items you particularly like and want to claim for your very own. Clearly, this is because most beings don’t have any feathers. In fact, the vast majority of life forms are completely unable to grow their own feathers (not for any lack ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Stakes His Laptop Claim”

A Cockatiel’s Love Language Is Customer Service

There is no doubt about it. When you are small, very cute, covered in feathers and by nature a flocking species, every other being is going to falling all over themselves to be your Valentine when the annual day ‘o love arrives. Waffles and millet and neck feather scratches and crispy crunchy nesting materials willContinue reading “A Cockatiel’s Love Language Is Customer Service”

BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power”

There is an art as well as a science to staying hidden out in plain sight. In fact, it is mostly the newbie top-secret agents who opt for staying well camouflaged both in their cover identity and in their real role. The real pros know how to get twice the camo for half the effortContinue reading “BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power””

Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers

When you are covered in fetching feathers, being envied is a fact of life. Everywhere you look, you see other (less fortunate, featherless) beings stressing and straining to grow feathers of their own. But no luck. For you, it just comes naturally. Every day new feathers just show up. You turn around and – ohContinue reading “Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers”

Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest

Nesting season brings special challenges when you are a non-migratory species…or at least more of a locally migrating species. Whole new nesting season. All the same nesting sites. This means you may need to get really creative to find overlooked gems that your competitors don’t have the vision or creative talent to scope out. Or,Continue reading “Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest”

Day 346: Dining Etiquette With Feathers

Rewind a handful of years (decades, centuries) and interspecies dining was quite common. It has only been recently the large featherless beings have taken to trying to squirrel away all the victuals for themselves. They are not very good at it. Lacking the keen eyesight, hearing and, well, basically all the other senses of theirContinue reading “Day 346: Dining Etiquette With Feathers”

Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit

The mightiest of palates can sometimes be found in the tiniest of places. After all, when you only have so much holding capacity in your cute little gullet, you don’t want to waste it on sub-par delicacies. Only the tastiest and most flavorful fare will do. Here, quantity is irrelevant. Quality is all that matters.Continue reading “Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit”

Day 340: The Best Nest Defense

Nesting season is not for amateurs. And there is a reason the ladybirds today are so choosy. After all, it only takes a second to make an egg, but it takes weeks to guard all that round white cuteness. And it takes even more weeks to feed those precious soft downy mouths….teach them to preen….toContinue reading “Day 340: The Best Nest Defense”

Day 337: A Nesting Bird Never Rests

Nesting season is rigorous without a doubt. Depending on your species, you may be required to break out the song and dance (literally) to win your lady’s heart. Alternately, you may be tasked with presenting one (or several) suitable potential nesting sites for the ladybirds to evaluate at their leisure. Since the ladies may changeContinue reading “Day 337: A Nesting Bird Never Rests”

Day 334: A Big and Fluffy Bird

There is no doubt being a big bird can be a survival-of-the-fittest advantage. The ladybirds take one look at you and think “well fed!” The predators take one look at you and think “fierce and ferocious!” Being very fluffy can also have its evolutionary advantages. For ladybirds, fluffiness equals cuteness. And cuteness equals adorable eggsContinue reading “Day 334: A Big and Fluffy Bird”

Day 331: A Very Happy New Year Bird

The start of a fresh new set of 365 days is always cause to celebrate. Heck, even beings who can’t grow their own feathers tend to get very happy on such an occasion. If you are lucky enough to be a being who can grow your own feathers, the start of a new year meansContinue reading “Day 331: A Very Happy New Year Bird”

Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop

Having lots of flock members has its pros and its cons. On the cons side….well, “sharing” is never a favorite. On the pros side….why share when you can get whatever you want with “cuteness?” Of course, it can be fun to let your flock mates at least think they are giving you the desired itemContinue reading “Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop”

Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!

It can be challenging work – juggling an empire. One minute you are engrossed in planning your newest one-avian hit play. The next minute you are called away for some top secret mission – allegedly. Each free moment is occupied in turn….from “fixer-upper” nest flipping projects for the spring ladybird season to (even more) retrainingContinue reading “Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!”

Day 322: If You Like It Put a Feather On It

As a flocking species, you can always count on a little friendly competition for the best roosting spots. This can make leaving a prime seat problematic. Often, when you return to reclaim your roost, you may find it has a new occupant! So you have to find a way to let the other flock membersContinue reading “Day 322: If You Like It Put a Feather On It”

Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat

The large featherless beings are sometimes understandably jealous that they pop out, well, featherless. There really isn’t any more delicate way to say it. But just because you got all the good DNA doesn’t mean you don’t still need help staying warm when temperatures drop. And of course, with “cuteness” at your service, you canContinue reading “Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat”

Day 318: Happy Happy Double Flock Birthday!

Life itself is precious….there is no doubt about it. But what makes life extra precious is the chance to live with an interspecies flock. Your family is all colors, all genders, all shapes and sizes. Some are little and loud while others are little and not so loud. And some are always growing bigger (mostlyContinue reading “Day 318: Happy Happy Double Flock Birthday!”

Day 316: A Parrot and His Props

Not too many fans understand just how grueling it can be to rake in consistent five-feather reviews in the competitive field of “acting.” In nearly all cases, all the fans know is that they love the star, they love the plot, they love the play and they love the props. But managing props in particularContinue reading “Day 316: A Parrot and His Props”

Day 313: Pearl Cutts in The Big Bird Box

Being born covered in soft fetching feathers can definitely give you a wing up on the competition when it comes to winning coveted feature roles. But it can’t always protect you from filmmakers’ omissions and inaccuracies. For example, there may be times when you are starring in a new play and you notice the titleContinue reading “Day 313: Pearl Cutts in The Big Bird Box”


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