Being Brave with Bruce: Long Winter Nap

When you depend on the weather to regulate your personal thermostat, all seasons are not created equally. This is why summer is for basking. Socializing. Making (er) eggs while the sun shines. And winter? Winter is for napping. When it gets cold outside, the last place you want to be is out there with it.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Long Winter Nap”

Day 354: Sir Snores a Lot Makes a Move

Some species with shells know how to take resting to a whole new level. Being cold-blooded, it just makes sense that you want to make hay while the sun shines (so to speak) and crawl into that hay when it doesn’t. Smart, smart, smart. But then what happens when your large shell-less hibernation assistant decidesContinue reading “Day 354: Sir Snores a Lot Makes a Move”

Day 3: Box Turtle Brumation Safety Checks

When you live in an interspecies flock, getting the deep, restful sleep you require can present some special challenges. For instance, maybe you are a “hibernating species,” which means you like to spend your winter season – all of it – sleeping. So you go to sleep around October or November each year, anticipating aContinue reading “Day 3: Box Turtle Brumation Safety Checks”


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