Day 128: For the Best Seat in the House (Move the Tortoise)

There is this saying, “if you want the best seat in the house, you have to move the dog.” As if. If you really want the best seat in the casa, well, good luck. Because chances are good a small, very cute shelled being is already sitting in it. And it is very hard toContinue reading “Day 128: For the Best Seat in the House (Move the Tortoise)”

Day 125: Big Lawn Little Tortoise

Any shelled being who can grow from silver dollar-sized to football-sized in just four years deserves some serious kudos. But big as you may get, there will always be something bigger. Like your grandparents’ enormous lawn, for example. After foraging for awhile, it can feel quite intimidating – not to mention exhausting – to lookContinue reading “Day 125: Big Lawn Little Tortoise”

Day 122: Tortoise Lunch Is Very Fresh & Very Gone

There is no doubt the large shell-less beings mean well. Yours, for instance, really wants to make sure you get plenty of exercise, fresh food, play time and shell scratches (not to mention restful naps). But there is one thing that will forever separate you and your assistant. She gets repeatedly hung up on thisContinue reading “Day 122: Tortoise Lunch Is Very Fresh & Very Gone”

Day 119: Tortoise Tracks

Being born with a very cute face can often mean the other very cute parts of you get routinely overlooked. But cuteness can only stand being under-appreciated for so long before it finds its own outlet to attract admiration. For instance, let’s say you have a really cute face, but you also have extremely cuteContinue reading “Day 119: Tortoise Tracks”

Day 116: We Eat Them Tasty Books

It is hungry work carrying around a big heavy shell on your back. On the plus side, anytime you are ready to go home, you can just sit down. On the minus side, sometimes wherever you happen to be when you are ready to rest doesn’t offer the best selection of snacks. But, fortification beingContinue reading “Day 116: We Eat Them Tasty Books”

Day 113: Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk

When you live in an interspecies flock, it is important to find activities all flock members enjoy so you have fun things to do together. For instance, maybe everyone in your flock likes to hang out on the lawn. So you take a few deep breaths together, oxygenate, soak in some vitamin D, chew clover,Continue reading “Day 113: Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk”

Day 110: The Climbing Tortoise

In the world of shell-less beings, climbing up something by yourself without anyone or anything helping you is called “free climbing.” In other words, you don’t have any ropes or pulleys or ladders or legs-up from your mommy. You just see the thing you want to climb and you head over and go climb it.Continue reading “Day 110: The Climbing Tortoise”

Day 107: The Tortoise and the Towel

When you are small, round and brown with a shell, nothing says “nap time” like the sight of a soft, cozy brown towel. Not only are you sure to be warm and comfy during your siesta, but your choice of camouflage is seamless (and, it nearly goes without saying, fashion-forward). For an even more relaxingContinue reading “Day 107: The Tortoise and the Towel”

Day 104: Tortoise Creature Comforts

Some beings mildly appreciate so-called “creature comforts” when the opportunity presents itself. Other beings dive in to comfy-ness (a technical term) like an Olympic swimmer dives into a pool. This, of course, is because you were born for comfort. Made for it, in fact. You are so all about getting comfortable and staying that wayContinue reading “Day 104: Tortoise Creature Comforts”

Day 101: Redfoot Tortoise Is a Basking Beauty

You can take the girl out of the forest, as they say, but you can’t take the forest out of the girl. Or something like that. Here, your mama can mutter about “the importance of full ultraviolet spectrum light” all she wants. But as a tropical tortoise who is adapted for life under deep leafyContinue reading “Day 101: Redfoot Tortoise Is a Basking Beauty”

Day 98: Tortoise Hydration

The large shell-less being here…. Tropical species such as, say, the South American redfoot tortoise, really need plenty of humidity and hydration daily to stay happy and healthy. If conditions get too dry, lots of bad things can happen…and did happen, as I’ve shared in detail on her blog. All that to say, here atContinue reading “Day 98: Tortoise Hydration”

Day 95: Tortoise Is A Leg Giveaway

“Cuteness” is widely considered to be an extremely desirable trait. But there are times it can turn into a liability. For instance, when you are very cute and you want to get away from it all and enjoy a restful nap, you may find that no sooner have you settled your adorable shelled self down,Continue reading “Day 95: Tortoise Is A Leg Giveaway”

Day 92: Tortoise Visits Shelled Support Circle

Living amongst the large shell-less beings has its perks. There are the gourmet hand-fed meals, the shell scratches, the cozy heated seats. But life in an interspecies flock also has its drawbacks….like the continually lurking paparazzi, the needy single box turtle living one habitat over from yours, your small shrieking feathered brother. Sometimes you justContinue reading “Day 92: Tortoise Visits Shelled Support Circle”

Day 89: You and Me and Sea Turtle Makes Three

From the outside looking in, some might assume that tortoises prefer to be solitary. After all, there is all that napping. And the very intent head-down grazing. And then more napping. And then there is the burrowing and the digging and (for some) the hibernating….all quite natural activities for the alleged shelled introvert. But perhapsContinue reading “Day 89: You and Me and Sea Turtle Makes Three”

Day 86: Turtle Lookout

The sight of a tortoise placidly plodding along evokes different thoughts in different folks. In your large shell-less mama, for example, all you have to do is, well, you don’t even have to do anything and she instantly comes running with snacks and shell scratches. That is called “the power of cuteness.” But in otherContinue reading “Day 86: Turtle Lookout”

Day 83: Food Face

Some cold-blooded species can be notoriously picky eaters. But not the redfooted tortoise. Redfoots are often described as “opportunistic feeders” in the scientific literature. Personally, after nearly five years of close daily observation, I would say Malti’s gustatory style comes closer to that of a contestant in one of those “all you can eat” contests.Continue reading “Day 83: Food Face”

Day 80: Tortoise Toys

The large shell-less being here…. Regardless of species, size or even blood temperature, young beings like to play. Play helps improve motor coordination, sensory acuity, learning speed and overall confidence. Play is also fun! Malti came to me when she was just a month old – a true baby tort. She is a juvenile nowContinue reading “Day 80: Tortoise Toys”

Day 77: The Lap Tortoise

When you really, really, really want snacks – and not just any snacks but the GOOD ones – the best thing to do is to climb up into your mama’s lap. She definitely won’t expect it. She will be overcome with cuteness. She will “ooh” and “aah” over you. She will give you lots ofContinue reading “Day 77: The Lap Tortoise”


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