Being Brave with Bruce: Getting Back Out There

Life frequently seems to present more questions than answers. There is the question of what will become of our small (shared) round blue planet. And the question of what it might be like when you get a lot older than you are now. And then there is the question of when to “get back outContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Getting Back Out There”

Being Brave with Bruce: Sitting Cute

Life can be very hard at times. Oh so very hard. But then there are those pivotal moments in every being’s life that make all the hardships and scary-ness (a technical term) and challenges worth it. Like the moment when that huge snarfling predator stomps right past you (because you are such an excellent hider).Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Sitting Cute”

Day 351: A Brumating Boy

Cold temperatures and cold blood definitely do not mix. When it gets chilly on the outside, it is going to get chilly on the inside – guaranteed. This is always the right time to do something called “brumating.” Here, there is some (lots of) confusion amongst the large shell-less beings about the difference between hibernationContinue reading “Day 351: A Brumating Boy”

Day 348: The Box Is Closed

There are basically two kinds of beings in this world: those who wear their box on the outside and those who wear their box on the inside. Clearly, it is far more advantageous to be in the former group. This is obvious for many reasons, chief among which is how few beings belong in thisContinue reading “Day 348: The Box Is Closed”


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