Day 244: Cockatiel Meets His Inner Tortoise

“Birds of a feather” and all that aside, when you live in an interspecies flock, it just makes sense to keep on good terms with your shelled flock mates. After all, you may look really different on the outside, but on the inside you share an ancient and noble lineage right down to your DNA.Continue reading “Day 244: Cockatiel Meets His Inner Tortoise”

Day 236: The Case of the Missing Tortoise Snacks

Everyone knows that snacks can be slippery. Just like any prey species, they have a tendency to sneak away if you take your eyes off them. The more, well, seasoned the snacks get, the better they become at hiding right out in plain sight. You could be sitting right on top of them and notContinue reading “Day 236: The Case of the Missing Tortoise Snacks”

Day 230: The Small Spiky Tortoise

When you’re ancient, you can feel it in your bones….literally. Every tiny but mighty footprint you take evokes the legends of the mighty and enormous beings you predated and then outlived. If that popular so-called “reality” show about survival that the large shell-less beings seem to favor accepted shelled contestants, there is no doubt whoContinue reading “Day 230: The Small Spiky Tortoise”

Day 227: The Tortoise and the Trees

Having a shell on your back usually means you aren’t ever going to win any height contests. Nope. The trees will stay high and you will stay low and that is just fine by you both. Even though you and your cozy shell don’t prefer to do any actual climbing, it can still be niceContinue reading “Day 227: The Tortoise and the Trees”

Day 224: Tortoise Trains An Assistant

While it isn’t necessarily “normal” for shelled beings and shell-less beings to cohabitate, it can be a smart choice under certain circumstances. For example, let’s say you are born particularly cute. This means right from day one, your plate is full with evading paparazzi, posing for fan pics, foraging your meals and (of course) plentyContinue reading “Day 224: Tortoise Trains An Assistant”

Day 221: Tiny Tortoise Grows Up

While there are lots of good things about arriving into this world in one of those popular small white round escape pods, there is one notable drawback. It’s not very big. Ergo, when you pop the hatch and take your first historic steps outside as a baby tortoise, you aren’t very big. This can makeContinue reading “Day 221: Tiny Tortoise Grows Up”

Day 218: Tortoise Makes Friends With Cockatiel

“Cuteness” is a great way to make new friends. But when you are born very cute and have so many beings who want to be friends with you, it can take some time to get around to everyone on the waiting list. You do your best, of course, because that is just the kind ofContinue reading “Day 218: Tortoise Makes Friends With Cockatiel”

Day 215: The Emotional Support Tortoise

When your little flock consists of one (perpetually nervous) feathered being, one (equally anxious) large shell-less being and two shelled beings, it doesn’t take advanced math to figure out who is there to support whom. Clearly, there is one shell for each of ’em! It also won’t take much time at all to discern thatContinue reading “Day 215: The Emotional Support Tortoise”

Day 209: Tortoise Takes the Most Direct Route

For beings who prefer to move at a measured pace, the most direct route tends to be the most expeditious. Let’s say you are happily ambling along when, all of a sudden, you spy a green being up in the distance. Your cute little tortoise tummy rumbles and you realize you are actually in theContinue reading “Day 209: Tortoise Takes the Most Direct Route”

Day 206: Tortoise Has Legs for Days

There is no doubt about it. The faster you can grow, the longer your legs will get. The longer your legs get, the better you will be able to reach previously inaccessible off-limits edibles…and outrun your large shell-less assistant to get to them. In situations where outrunning is not an option, by simply displaying yourContinue reading “Day 206: Tortoise Has Legs for Days”

Day 203: Tortoise Shell Scratches

Growing up fast has its advantages. It also has its disadvantages. Among the advantages – you are no longer “appetizer sized,” you are finally able to “throw your weight around” (in a manner of speaking) and you get growing up over with. Among the disadvantages – growing up can be itchy business when you areContinue reading “Day 203: Tortoise Shell Scratches”

Day 200: Tortoise Finds a Very Fashionable Snack

Life as a (shelled) public figure means daily life may never be as private as you might prefer. It just comes with the territory when you are born looking this cute. Add in a sweet-natured mellow tortoise personality and a natural knack for appealing to fellow “foodies” everywhere, and you can just about forget aboutContinue reading “Day 200: Tortoise Finds a Very Fashionable Snack”

Day 197: That Tortoise Tongue

As a card-carrying member of the ancient order of Chelonia (Testudines), you might as well be planetary royalty. Depending on who you ask (and how accurate their research may be), your shelled kind, the “tortoise,”  may even predate the venerated dinosaurs! And yet your large shell-less assistant can’t seem to keep herself from “oohing” andContinue reading “Day 197: That Tortoise Tongue”

Day 194: Tortoise Tucks Into Edible Greens

Being born as a redfoot tortoise who is expected to find her own snacks from day one, it pays to get to know your colors pronto. For instance, those adorable dots all over your legs and face – those are red dots. The slightly larger (and equally adorable) dots on your back – well, those areContinue reading “Day 194: Tortoise Tucks Into Edible Greens”

Day 191: Redfoot Tortoise Is a Standup Girl

No one thinks of tortoises as being “tall.” Nope. If you are born wearing a shell on your back, everything thinks you are short and slow and all they see is a rock on legs. At first. If you have a shell and you want to really give your large shell-less assistant a shock, thereContinue reading “Day 191: Redfoot Tortoise Is a Standup Girl”

Day 188: Tortoise Knows How to Look (& Stay) Cool

When juvenile shell-less beings hang out, they have this tendency to slouch….something about “looking cool.” As a tortoise who has been cohabitating with an interspecies flock for a time, you might find it interesting to try out some of these new mannerisms you are observing. After all, you are a “juvenile” also – and “lookingContinue reading “Day 188: Tortoise Knows How to Look (& Stay) Cool”

Day 185: Tortoise Gets the Ball Rolling

When you are lucky enough to be born a tortoise, “cuteness” can be very useful for getting your large shell-less assistant’s attention. Do something ridiculously easy that she thinks you could never do and voila – the world is your oyster (or your freeze-dried mealworm, preferably). Of course, this can backfire if you do tooContinue reading “Day 185: Tortoise Gets the Ball Rolling”

Day 182: Tortoise Destroys Zucchini

Living your whole life in a natural green space, you begin to develop an instinctive aesthetic about what should go where. As long as you are left to your own devices to garden and cultivate when you like, where you like, things will continue to go smoothly. But then let’s say you decide to takeContinue reading “Day 182: Tortoise Destroys Zucchini”


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